Why It’s Never Been Better To Be A Parent

When people think of parenting, they often think of old people who have stuffy, boring lives. The parents in this slideshow are anything but, and you’ll quickly see why there has never been a better time to be a parent. You’ll never believe what one kid’s parents give his teachers for Christmas.

Easier Potty Training


Potty training is pretty much the bane of any parent’s existence, but nowadays, it’s easier than ever thanks to this smart toilet that allows you to attach a tablet while the kid does his business. Some might think this is going overboard, but it’ll definitely keep them on the potty.

Go CSI On Them


Kids these days are pretty savvy, and this one guy used that to his advantage while trying to figure out which kid tore up his money. He rigged up a fake CSI kit, which made the kids start panicking. Luckily none of them called his bluff and he found the perp.

Embarrassing Them Is So Easy


All parents pretty much look forward to their kids being old enough to be embarrassed by them, and thanks to social media, this has never been easier. These parents spoofed their kid’s Facebook and it is hilarious. Keep reading for another mom who made her kid cringe.

No More Nagging Over Chores


Parents these days are so lucky because they never have to argue with kids over doing their chores. WiFi is basically a necessity for kids if they want to talk to their friends, have fun, or even do their homework, and this parent has taken advantage of that by holding the WiFi hostage until chores are done.

The Kids Don’t Mind Helping


Not all parents are so great at the tech thing, and in this age we’re living in, it’s never been easier to get help from the kids. This mom who clearly struggles with the WiFi thing should give her son a big hug for making getting connected a possibility.

Like Mother, Like Son


This mom who decided to show the world how much she favors her son by dressing as him for Halloween is nothing short of amazing. This is the best time ever to be a parent, since never before have parents been laid back enough to want to pull this off. In an upcoming slide, check out how one mom takes pictures.

Dealing With Teachers Is A Breeze


One kid’s parents decided to put pictures of him on bottles of wine and give them out to his teachers for Christmas. Never before have parent-teacher relations been so good, because who can really complain about the kid of parents who provide them with booze?

Do Your Homework


Speaking of school, another way it’s never been better to be a parent is because it’s so easy to stay on top of kids. This mom uses Snapchat to keep her daughter on task, and we love it. That stern face says everything and there’s no doubt that kid stopped goofing off and got to work.

Say “Cheese!”

Say “Cheese!”

Never again do people have to endure the pain of taking crappy selfies if they have kids. If this kid can handle taking a picture of her mom for a selfie, then just imagine what an older one could do. In an upcoming slide, find out how one mom keeps her kids from sneaking out.

More Photo Ops


Speaking of having photos taken of you, there’s this mom who threatened to ground her daughter if she didn’t take pictures of her. She probably wasn’t serious…probably…but what a great way to make sure those photos get taken. Parenting has never been better — or funnier.

Annoying The Kids Is So Much Fun


Payback is sweet, and nothing is sweeter than paying back teens who tormented us with their annoying antics as kids. This dad’s payback is on point in more ways than one as he utilizes the message effects on his iPhone to tell his son that he is a disappointment.

What’s Poppin’, Yo?


Parents no longer have to worry about kids sneaking out like they did back in the day thanks to bubble wrap. Strategically place it throughout the house, and you’ll know in a second if your teen is trying to get out. In a slide coming up, find out how Snapchat is upping one dad’s parenting game.

Get Tech Help Instantly


One of the great things about being a parent now is just how knowledgeable your kids are about things tech related. This text exchange is a good — and funny — reminder of that, and it’s also a good reminder of how important it is to get advice before clicking on the fishy links.

No Shame In Their Game


You also know it’s a great time to be a parent when it’s cool for a mom to rock the same hairstyle as her teenage son. Okay, “cool” may be an overstatement, but still, they both make the look work, right? Even moms who rock buns can wear matching hairstyles with their sons now.

Protect This House


This Snapchat right here shows why it has never been better to be a parent. Dad humor is better than ever, which is obvious with this Snapchat of one dad protecting his home against a hot dog intruder. Keep reading to get a kick out of one mom who is trying to use the WhatsApp app.

Well, He Isn’t Wrong


The sense of humor kids today possess makes it a truly great time to be a parent. This kid who freely admits to being a freeloader is all sorts of awesome, and we know that this answer had to give his parents a chuckle or two.

Let Them Know Who’s Boss


You want to know the best way to get through to a daughter who is obsessed with Instagram and wouldn’t help with supper? Refuse to let her be a part of the picture with all the food and save that honor for yourself. Well played, Mom, well played.

Learning The Ropes


Another great thing about being a parent now is that it’s super easy to stay connected with your kids…if you’re decent with technology, that is. Judging from this mom’s attempt at using WhatsApp, she clearly has a few things to learn, but we’ve gotta give her points for trying.

That’s Kinda Cold


Part of being a parent is knowing how to effectively punish your kids, and that has never been easier than it is now, thanks to smartphones. This dad who took his daughter’s phone knew exactly how to get through to his kid, and then he drove that home in the most hilarious fashion.

Let It Go


For the last reason why it’s never been better to be a parent in this slideshow, there’s this dad who dressed up like Elsa for Halloween. When would doing something this awesome have ever been acceptable in the past? We’ve gotta admit, this dad pulls off Elsa quite well, even with the beard.