Worst Summer Ever! Meet The Lonely Souls Whose Jobs Aren’t What You Expect Them To Be

Having a summer job is good to help you learn some valuable lessons. Your parents encourage you to get off your butt and go gain some responsibility, money, and the value of hard work. Whether you’re saving for a car or a video game console, there are high expectations, and you get a taste of what it feels like to be an adult.

Those expectations aren’t always met, so comedian and late night tv host Jimmy Fallon shared his worst summer job on Twitter. Needless to say, it got the fellow Tweeters tweeting their nightmare summer jobs.

Oh, Poor Jimmy

Photo Credit: @jimmyfallon/Twitter

Leave it to the late night talk show host to lead the way on the worst summer job ever.

I don’t feel sorry for Jimmy because he has everything, but his dad taught him a valuable lesson when it comes to hard work and success. Let’s see who else had a bad job over the summer months.

Pow! Right In The Kisser

Photo Credit: @km_belland/Twitter

Oh my goodness, I never laughed so hard in my life! That’s definitely a gem and that sucks what happened.

When working at a camp or a historic site, organize the kids in a group until the villain is exposed. Make sure they confess and regret their silly mistakes, and see if he can try to run away as fast as Usain Bolt.

The Adventures Of Babysitting

Photo Credit: @Wyldwurm/Twitter

Yeah so? Some people are born as demons or the devil like Damien in The Omen.

Nonetheless, I am not surprised that the kid is almost like Damien. In fact, it wouldn’t be a shock if the kid wound up in jail around the time he turns 18. Wait until the next babysitter mishap comes up. There are some sneaky kids in this world.

No Means No

Photo Credit: @collzorgs/Twitter

Kids just don’t understand the word ‘No’ and they don’t like it. However, I bet the parents didn’t care that their precious little you-know-what was literally stabbing people.

Not sure about you, but this kid sounds a lot like the modern-day version of Norman Bates from Psycho.

Ask Me About My Weiner Slingers!

Photo Credit: @hgalexan/Twitter

Oh come on, you’re telling me you wouldn’t wear that with pride? I mean, if Jonah Hill can wear a hot dog costume in Accepted, anything is possible.

Some of you might think it’s painful but really, I would be pumped to wear that t-shirt. Teenagers have a silly sense of humor anyways.

The Adventures Of Babysitting II

Photo Credit: @Swearin_Rodgers/Twitter

There are some sneaky kids in this world. To me, this sounds like something from Little Rascals. But, at the same time, this babysitter made a classic rookie mistake.

It was likely that was her first night on the job, but at least she didn’t have to sit around and look after some kid named Kevin McCallister. The next story in the adventures of babysitting is only relatable if you were babysitting one child. You probably earned the easiest cash ever.

This Isn’t The Wizard Of Oz

Photo Credit: @FishHeadss/Twitter

My grandfather and his grandpa would have a lot in common because they’re both clever people. Grandpa certainly had the thought of “How can I keep this kid busy and leave me alone for as long as possible?”

Well, he seems to like the Wizard of Oz,and it’s an honest job. The boy didn’t even have to appear for an interview for it.

Sup, Ficus Boy?

Photo Credit: @TechPostPC/Twitter

Honestly, I can’t imagine this gig being paid well, at all. Nevertheless, I don’t see how this would be a bad job.

Heck, sign me up, I’ll gladly water some plants if it’s going to get the bills paid. However, that would be pretty weird to have ‘Plant Manager’ on your resume.

The Adventures Of Babysitting 3

Photo Credit: @paigebrodbeck25/Twitter

If he was the only child you were babysitting, you probably earned the easiest cash ever.

You might think the parents were behind this, but I suspect if that wasn’t the case, there would be no need to get diapers. If you ever worked as a photo tech, the next one ahead has something to do with old ladies and nudes.

Chuck-E-Cheese Isn’t Fun After All

Photo Credit: @irishrose8/Twitter

Now you have every reason not to work at Chuck-E-Cheese. Sure, it might be a fun place to throw a birthday party, but wearing that costume is the ultimate sacrifice.

I’d be horrified if little kids thought I was dead. In return, I would scare the crap out of them. That’s how you send in your two weeks notice.

Pay Day

Photo Credit: @Donny44/Twitter

One time, I picked up a waiter shift for a friend at work. When I got off, my car got towed. I paid over $100 to go to work and on my day off.

It wasn’t the best day, but I made sure to grab some beers afterward. No matter how many bad days you have, always look on the bright side of life.

Next Time, Don’t Send Nudes

Photo Credit: @KlaryssaRenae/Twitter

Oh wow, now you’re scarred for life. The best thing to do is maybe averting your eyes to something different, but there’s an important lesson here.

Never underestimate old women. They might be struggling with technology, but apparently sending nudes goes back a couple generations. As if people don’t learn from their mistakes, one guy did a similar thing and that’s still on the way.

The Life Of A Dog Walker

Photo Credit: @whoopiepie10/Twitter

With all of the hassle there is in being a dog walker, how can anyone hate on this?

It’s impressive and it seems like a better job than what most people were getting paid to do here. I would love to see pictures because dogs are great. I like dogs, can’t you tell?


Photo Credit: @Miriamq19/Twitter

I assume he wasn’t the only one who made that pun. I feel sorry that you had to go through this, but that guy seems like he’s the GOAT of all dad jokes and puns.

If she broke her ankle on the job, then there’s a good chance that the workman’s compensation board would have kicked in.

Again, No Nudes Please!

Photo Credit: @JarretBelini/Twitter

This was the era when this type of picture was still sent by regular mail. Boy, times have changed, haven’t they?

I bet it’s much more awkward when those eerie folks develop them alone. You might think it’s funny or creepy, but the photo developing job is slowly becoming extinct. Working as a camp leader has its ups and downs, but the one just ahead sounds like one camper did the best they could to turn a humiliating moment into a memory that would last a lifetime.

Regret To Inform You

Photo Credit: @mrsbooge/Twitter

Oh my goodness, that poor girl. How didn’t she realize he was dead? There are procedures to follow after this occurs.

But, the sad thing is, I bet this happens all of the time. In this case, it seems as if all the other staff probably knew about it and they forgot to tell the new girl.

Cleaning Crews Can Be Dismal

Photo Credit: @imchrisstall/Twitter

You’ll know if you taste it. Also, this instantly brings me back to Caddyshack and the scene where everyone is in the pool, but no one pooped because it was actually a Hershey Bar.

I think it’s safe to say that if you work at a public pool, you’ll probably never go near one ever again.

Follow The Leader They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said

Photo Credit: @lost_n_transit/Twitter

To me, this sounds like he did the best he could to turn a humiliating moment into something… less humiliating? That might have been a joke at his expense for quite some time.

I would be more impressed than disgusted that he had the guts to challenge the older kids. Thank goodness this wasn’t a school field trip.

Vegans, They’re Harsh People

Photo Credit: @AndieRupke/Twitter

Geeze, talk about working in a hostile environment. Those vegans are setting themselves up for a major lawsuit and it could backfire real quick.

There’s one word for those specific people they were working with — hypocrites. You might be making a difference, but clearly, they didn’t think through.

Who The Hell Works In A Cornfield?

Photo Credit: @FateDecided/Twitter

Most importantly, who the hell decides that they want to be a corn pimp? Paris Hilton might think it’s hot, but at the same, it’s really bizarre.

I guess this is what happens when you have nothing else to do and you’re super bored.