The Aaron Ramsey Curse Is Real And Celebrities Need To Find Shelter Fast

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard of the “27 Club,” but have you ever heard of the Aaron Ramsey curse? The Welsh footballer has become well-known for kicking some of the world’s deadliest goals. Unfortunately, when he knocks a ball into the back of the net, it has become a signal for celebrities all over the world to take shelter. Overall, 17 of Ramsey’s professional goals have been followed by a well-known public figure tragically passing away. This is the curse of Aaron Ramsey, and all the lives it’s claimed.

It Started In 2009

aaron ramsey welsh soccer star and his curse
Rebecca Naden/PA Images via Getty Images
Rebecca Naden/PA Images via Getty Images

“The Curse of Aaron Ramsey,” which is also known as the Aaron Ramsey Effect, began in 2009 with a goal against Portsmouth. No one knows what voodoo was placed on the up and coming football star to create the curse, but nearly a decade later it’s still going strong.

Of course, when the Aaron Ramsey Effect first struck, no one noticed. As you’ll soon find out, the first person claimed wasn’t an actor or musician. He was an American politician, and now he’s the starting off point for our story.