The Most Unforgettable And Controversial Moments In Sports

The long history of competitive professional sports wouldn’t be what it is without a little shock and scandal. It seems like for every incredible three-pointer or upset in the octagon, there’s a shocking injury or heinous crime behind it.

Whether it’s grotesque, heartbreaking, or just plain weird, these eventful moments in sports have gone down in history. Just wait until you hear about the NFL playe who got catfished and the female athlete who took her revenge on another.

Kevin Ware’s Leg Shatters On Live Television

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Any sport injury can make the fans all collectively cringe, but Louisville’s Kevin Ware tops the list for worst injury. It was in the middle of March Madness and Ware jumped up to block a shot.

He landed awkwardly and all of America got to see his tibia break out of his leg in high definition.