The Secrets And Traditions Of Horse Racing

Horse racing has captivated all major civilizations, including the Greeks and the Romans. It became a professional sport in England during the reign of Queen Anne in the 18th century. Over the years, horse racing has developed many traditions, some of which continue today.

There are many interesting facts about the jockeys and horses who compete each year with the aim of winning a big purse. Read on to learn about horse racing and the people and animals behind it who work really hard with one goal in mind: victory!

Organized Crime And Horse Racing Go Hand In Hand

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Lo Chun Kit / Contributor Getty Images
Lo Chun Kit / Contributor Getty Images

There is a lot of money involved in horse racing, so naturally, organized crime organizations have integrated themselves into the sport in order to make a profit. This type of tampering has been going on for years, with incidents involving everything from performance-enhancing drugs to illegal betting rings, race fixing, and the execution of horses.

The Irish mafia, Asian triads, and Mexican drug cartels are all guilty of meddling in the affairs of horse racing. In 2013, a Mexican cartel spent 30 months orchestrating a money laundering scheme that involved doping and fixing races. They spent $20 million to carry out their plan.