These Athletes Have Hidden Talents Their Fans Would Never Expect

Have you ever wondered what your favorite athletes do when they’re not on the court, on the field, or in the rink? Some of the best athletes are far from one-trick ponies and have hidden talents you’d never expect. From the NFL star who is also a skilled ballet dancer to the NBA pro who has a passion for journalism, any sports fan will be surprised by these athletes’ hidden talents.

For these athletes, what they do on the field is not nearly as impressive as what they do when they’re away from it.

John Denney Can Play the Violin


John Denney is a long snapper for the Miami Dolphins. But, what most people might not know is that he’s also a violinist. The two-time Pro Bowler has been playing the instrument for 30 years!

When Denney was just five years old, his mom told him that if he wanted to play sports, he had to learn a musical instrument. Even though the first few years playing violin were out of obligation instead of pleasure, he kept with it. Today, Denney doesn’t have any regrets as he now uses his musical talent to play at dinner parties, churches, and even weddings.