20 Weird Billionaires You Have To See To Believe

The Sketchiest Wealthy Man: Robert Durst


Robert Durst is known for being wealthy. He’s also known for murdering his wife. When his wife disappeared in 1982 her body was never found, so the case went cold. Then a family friend, Susan, came forward with information regarding the murder. Susan was found dead, as well as Robert Durst’s neighbor. Suspicious, huh? The story only gets weird though. He was eventually arrested for stealing a chicken sandwich and Band-Aids, even though he casually had $37,000 on him.

It would appear that wealth does not equal intelligence. Also, he has so much money he could have easily made the bodies disappear and paid others as hush money. We are not saying that he did it but with his wits, nothing is impossible. Why would you steal a sandwich of all things?