After Five Years Of Stretching Her Neck, ‘Giraffe Woman’ Finally Shed Her Rings

Body modification is the practice of deliberately physically changing your appearance. It can be as simple as getting a nose piercing or as complex as getting plastic surgery. For one woman, Sydney Smith, her body modification of choice was something a little more extreme.

Also known as the “Giraffe Woman,” Sydney has spent five years elongating her neck. While the practice actually has roots in a remote Southeast Asian tribe, it has hadan intense impact on her health, both physically and mentally.

Read on to learn about Sydney’s unique—and dangerous—journey to stretch her neck.

Sydney Began Her Journey When She Was 25

Facebook/Sydney V. Smith the Giraffe Woman
Facebook/Sydney V. Smith the Giraffe Woman

Sydney has long been a fan of giraffes, and at the age of 25, decided she wanted to pay tribute to her favorite thing in the world. So, she did what any of us would do, and went about elongating her neck.

It might seem like a crazy idea but it’s a process that is a tradition in some cultures around the world. Still, it’s not an easy thing to do, and Sydney would soon find out how much the transformation process would take out of her.