All Of The Products And Industries That Millennials Are Killing, According To Old People And A Few Facts

If you ask an old person what they think about the Millennial generation, they’ll probably tell you that they’re whiny, entitled crybabies. They are killing traditional industries because of modern technology and they actually CARE about where their products come from.

Baby Boomers and Millennials have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. This article explores the many products and industries that the elders think young people are currently on the warpath to destroy. There’s some truth to it.


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In a weird turn of events, Millennials don’t appreciate a good, cheap brew quite like our moms and dads did. Beer sales fell one percent from 2016-2017 and it’s projected to have a steady decrease in the coming years.

Millennials aren’t getting smashed off of Bud Light anymore. They’re more into the hoppy IPA that’s darker than the night sky.

Fabric Softener

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Bye-bye soft fabric. Or at least, that’s what the Millennials are saying. Fabric softener sales are dropping, and dropping QUICK. With a trend to more athletic gear (which doesn’t need fabric softener), young people just aren’t buying it.

I mean, I still love a good fabric soften every once in a while. Call me old fashion.

Kraft Singles

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I mean, Kraft Singles aren’t even really cheese. I would argue that they’re about 95% preservatives and 5% cheese. But, that doesn’t take away from their amazing taste.

I mean, there no point even making a grilled cheese without one. Kraft Singles sales are projected to drop close to 2% in 2018.

The Canadian Tourism Industry

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Remember all of that hoopla about how everyone was going to move to Canada if another Republican President was elected? Well, one did, and no one moved.

In fact, not only are Americans not moving up north, but they’re not even visiting. They’re eight times more likely to vacation outside of BearMooseMapleSyrupville than their elders.

Bar Soap

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No offence to anyone who still loves bars of soap, but WHY do you love bars of soap? There is literally no benefit of them. They’re slippery, they don’t give you that much soap, and they feel gross to touch.

Bar soap sales dropped 2.2% in 2015 and it’s all thanks to Millennials.

The Diamond Industry

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It’s not that surprising that young people aren’t flocking to diamonds quite like our elders were. We just don’t have as much disposable income.

On top of that, young people have different values. If they do have money to spend, they would rather spend it on trips across the world.

The Hotel Industry

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Millennials are taking down the hotel industry one gross bathtub at a time. Younger travelers just want a clean and efficient place to lay their head.

They don’t need a hotel. This is why Air BnB is so popular right now. First of all, it’s cheaper. Second of all, it’s way cozier.


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If it were up to Millennials, it’d be a no pant party all the time. Well, not exactly, but conventional pants are taking a hit.

In 2018, leggings sales increased drastically. In fact, some stores even cited that they’ve seen a 95% increase. Millennials are more interested in athleisure attire. Leggings fit right into that category.


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It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Millennials aren’t into bulk shopping all that much. You probably won’t see a young person carrying out 14 bottles of mustard like you would maybe see your grandma do.

Why go out and get mustard when you can just have it delivered to you at your house?


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It used to be very popular to crowdfund online if you are a Millennial. But, the idea of it is kind of getting over-used.

People are now starting GoFundMe campaigns for their late rent or their college tuition. While I agree it’s expensive, it’s a little bit weird to be asking your aunt’s friend that you have on Facebook to contribute to it.

Breakfast Cereal

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Cereal sales are dropping VERY quickly. In fact, total sales dropped close to 5% from 2009-2014 alone.

This one doesn’t make as much sense to me. I mean, it’s quick, cheap, and tastes good. Maybe people are just eating breakfast less? Maybe dinner cereal will make a big splash in the coming years?

Real Estate

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Surprise, surprise. Millennials aren’t buying homes. Much of that has to do with the fact that many of them are in debt because of college tuition or avocado toast.

It could also be that they’re significantly underpaid and spend all of their money on $12 Starbucks lattes.


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I think that you could probably group in the idea of marriage into this page as well. Millennials are apparently killing both of them according to old people.

According to a Gallup poll, only 16% of Millennials were married and 14% were living with their significant other. That leaves a majority just having one night stands, I guess?

Shaking Hands

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Remember when to show your respect to your co-workers and friends you would have a strong handshake? Well, not anymore, according to Millennials.

Strong handshakes are SO baby boomer era. Weak handshakes are in. Like, significantly weaker. I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or what, but put some muscle into it.

9-5 Jobs

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Perhaps the least-shocking entry into this article is that Millennials are rejecting the 9-5 lifestyle our grandparents and parents adored.

Close to 80% of Millennials say that a more flexible work schedule allows them to be more productive. They’re always connected to the internet and to their emails far beyond the five o’clock threshold.

Straws And Napkins

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Apparently, Millennials are ruining the napkin and straw industries. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as a generation, they’re more environmentally aware.

Many restaurants are having to switch over from plastic straws to paper straws. Starbucks just announced that it would be moving to all paper in early 2019.

Chain Restaurants

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Bye-bye Applebees and Buffalo Wild Wings. They’re becoming more and more vulnerable to the Millennial generation. In fact, the CEO of BWW has come out and said that a lot of their revenue loss has come because young people aren’t going out to eat as much.

They’re more attracted to eating at home or ordering in delivery.


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According to research from a few adult websites that won’t be named, Millennials are no longer into breasts.

They’ve decided as a generation that they’re more into butts. So, as that information has come out, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that breastaurants like Hooters have seen a massive revenue drop.


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It shouldn’t be a surprise that young people are no longer heading to the golf courses or the country clubs.

First of all, it’s a very expensive sport that many Millennials can’t afford. Second of all, it takes four hours to finish a round. Nobody has the attention span for that.


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The rise in Millennials not really caring about looking fancy is also killing stilettos. I don’t blame them. First of all, who wants to wear stilts around all day?

I mean, they can’t be comfortable. I would rather wear runners or flats 100 times out of 100. I don’t know.