Old School Photos That Are A Little Too Close To Creepy For Comfort

Horror has evolved a lot over time. In the 1920s, monster films took the world by storm and people had to leave theaters. Over time, Hollywood has shifted into psychological horror, gore, and slasher films. But no fantasy horror can compare to when a real-life photo gives you the creeps.

The Jason mask is scary, but not as scary as a smiling executioner mask. In fact, after you check out these photos, you’ll agree that we should immediately stop taking pictures in creepy masks. We need to save the souls of future generations. These strange, disturbing, and terrifying photos are too much to handle.

This Mickey Mouse Club Meeting Looks Like Orientation Day For A Cult

mickey mouse club meeting.jpg

Photo credit: rikroll666 / Reddit

Deep down, I know that behind all those Mickey Mouse masks are innocent little kids just trying to enjoy a lifetime of singing and dancing. But on the surface, I’m scared that they’ve all gathered together to plan the perfect way to sing us all to death.

Plus, they can’t all be innocent. There are so many kids at this meeting that there is a good chance at least one or two are psychopaths.