People Are Asking “WTF Is This” And Obviously Internet People Came To The Rescue

Sometimes, we don’t always have the answer to everything. The world is pretty big and once you find something you’ve never seen before, you immediately start asking questions. You have no clue what you’re looking at but that’s when you turn to the internet. You don’t have to be afraid of what people will say once you post something because there’s a good chance we all want to know wtf you just found. Thanks to the world wide web, there are some intriguing photos that will have you learning a thing or two.

It’s Not A UFO

Tom DeLonge might think it’s a UFO, but it really isn’t. That’s actually a greenhouse using low energy pink/purple LED lights. Even on cloudy nights, they illuminate a majority of the sky around them. This would much better if it featured more colors to make it look like a big rainbow.