People Reveal That Their Neighbors Aren’t As Nice As Ned Flanders

We’ve come a long way since Mr. Rogers-like friendly neighbors. If you had a good relationship with your neighbor, hold on to that. You’re so lucky if you did because not all of them are going to be nice and friendly.

Thanks to Reddit, people have come forward to share the biggest annoyances that they have to put up with. Some neighbors will go as far as calling the cops for no reason, or maybe they’re the oversensitive type that reacts to everything. You might want to start looking for a new neighborhood after this.

The Oversensitive Piece Of You-Know-What

Photo Credit: @Prescot_Windows/Twitter/macadamiaicecream/Reddit

Honestly, he sounds like an old man going senile from age. You would feel bad for him, but he clearly alienated a lot of people in his life.

This is what happens when you don’t see your family often or don’t bother to be sociable. Obviously, the neighbor burnt that bridge for himself though.