These Pictures Were Taken At The Perfect Moment And We Are In Awe

A picture captures a single moment in time, but not all moments are created equal. Some moments are just funnier, cooler, or more amazing than others. These quick photographers were able to hit their shutters at exactly the right time. It is thanks to them that these best moments are now immortalized forever.

Read on to see a real parenting faux pas, a bird that’s flying at just the right angle, and a lady who is about to step into a pool of trouble.

Put A Cork In It

Photo Credit: romancreed / Reddit
Photo Credit: romancreed / Reddit

Have you ever been hit square in the forehead with a champagne cork? I have. It’s not fun. The moment just before it happens is kind of funny though.

The lady in yellow looks blissfully unaware of the tragedy that is about to befall her beloved partner.