Pictures That Will Have You Screaming “NOPE” At Your Computer Screen

There’s nothing like going to an art gallery to look at the beautiful paintings and pictures. All of them are incredibly creative and calming. Artists put a lot of effort into them so that they’re visually pleasing to the eye.

My point is, you don’t want to scream “NOPE!” at the top of your lungs as a visceral reaction when you see a nice picture or painting. I sincerely apologize, but every single picture in this article is not visually pleasing. In fact, they’re very uncomfortable to look it.

Shrek Hanging From The Ceiling Is Never Comforting

This reminds me of that one chair that we all have in our rooms that we throw all of our clothing on, and when we turn the light off it looks like a person.

This is a great way to scare off any burglars though. Have a Shrek head in every room and I assure you that the thieves won’t be sticking around long.

Fluffy The Three-Headed Snake

Photo Credit: Reddit

I don’t quite understand why the scariest looking animals always get the cutest, most innocent names.

This snake’s name is literally FLUFFY. There’s nothing fluffy about this snake other than the sheet you’ll be wrapped in when you’re dead after it bites you.

Back To Bed I Go

Most of us need our morning coffee. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and allows us to not be miserable around our co-workers.

If I wake up and see this spider in the bottom of my coffee, I’m taking my clothes off and going back to bed for the day. No way I’m leaving my house. Coming up, if you’ve never seen a NOPEfish, you’re about to. Prepare yourself.

So Many Questions

Why do we not notice how creepy our toys look when we’re kids? We all had that one baby doll that looked straight out of a horror movie.

Bilbo looks like he’s a serial killer, yet this toy probably sold really well. In fact, this figurine probably slept next to kids at night which is terrifying to think about.

Technology Is Getting TOO Real

Photo Credit: Reddit

I can’t wait for 2033 when technology has completely taken over the human race and we become slaves to robots.

Someone is in a lab right now creating a robot that’s smarter and stronger than any human and it’s terrifying. We’re going to be extinct by 2045.

That’s Definitely A Nopefish

Photo Credit: Reddit / DroidsRugly

I don’t really understand the draw of fishing. First of all, you sit in a boat for five hours waiting for something to happen and 99% of the time nothing does.

The other 1% is basically a fight for your life. You feel like you have a massive shark on your line, then you get it to the surface and find out it’s a one-pound trout that almost dragged you into the water. Just ahead, a picture that proves that young people will literally do anything for a good Instagram picture.

A Christmas Tree In An Abandoned Hospital

This is actually a Christmas tree that’s been in that room since it was abandoned in 2005.

I guess even scary demons have to show their holiday spirit. I wonder what the ghosts get each other? Do they do secret Santa? I’d love to be a fly on the wall.

I Don’t Blame Them

I wholeheartedly agree with this decision to leave their home after finding this. In fact, I would take this a step further.

I’d be buying my family tickets to jump on the first available shuttle to Mars because there’s no way spiders live up there.

Millenials Will Do Anything For The ‘Gram

Photo Credit: Reddit / conja

It’s insane how much guts young people get when it comes to getting a good picture for social media.

They’ll literally hang off of high rise buildings like this one just so that they can caption their picture “falling for you.” Coming up, one of the ONLY reasons to purposely burn your house down.


Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know what those are in the wave, and I don’t need to. Anything that’s shaped like a wet noodle and is in the water isn’t getting any extra attention from me.

This looks like a scene from Alien Vs. Predator or something. This picture actually sends a deeper chill down my spine the more I look at it.

Dead Or Napping?

Photo Credit: Imgur

If this guy is dead and just hanging out in the pastries, I guess that’s not the worse place to go.

If he’s napping, I can totally relate. We’ve all had those days when we can literally fall asleep anywhere and at any time. Taking a nap with the smell of pastries surrounding you isn’t all that bad either.

Burn The House

Photo Credit: Imgur

If I walk into the kitchen and see this giant mustard colored snake, there’ll be only one option for me.

I’m taking some gasoline, matches, and a lighter and setting the entire house on fire. No way I could step foot in that kitchen again. Coming up, a picture that will put your infinity pool to absolute shame.

It’s Like Super Mario But Not

Photo Credit: Reddit / redisitall

I don’t know how people can be so adventurous and, quite frankly, stupid. What do you get for jumping on that rock? NOTHING.

Even if you do make it safely, that’s great, but now you’re just standing alone on a tiny platform that you can’t even sneeze on without falling off.

It Was At That Moment…

Photo Credit: Reddit

You know that gut feeling you have before you do something you shouldn’t be doing? Well, I’m sure this woman had that feeling before she jumped out of a plane.

She’s now hanging out of her parachute, holding on for dear life and probably realizing that she should’ve probably trusted her gut.

Infinity Pool? Pfft

Photo Credit: Reddit / pridkett

While all of you are taking sweet pictures by your infinity pool in Bali, these two are taking it up a notch.

They’ll up your infinity pool with a LITERAL WATERFALL. This isn’t just your 10 footer either. You could probably eat a three-course meal as you fall down this thing it’s so steep. Coming up, a girl who is in love with a tree, and the picture is as confusing as you think.

It Takes ONE Stone

Photo Credit: Reddit / Trentious

When you’re on a bike, the littlest stone can completely send you off course. These brave souls have basically decided to tightrope walk right beside a cliff, and it’s going to be a NO from me.

Think about it — their cause of death could be from a pebble. There’s nothing badass about that at all.

Never Brushing My Teeth Again

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you were looking for a reason to stop brushing your teeth on a regular basis, you’ve just found it.

There’s no way that I’m putting anything even close to my mouth that has been touched by even one of those 80 legs from that creepy crawler.

Uh, To Each Their Own I Guess?

Photo Credit: Reddit / ChiefALeef

Look, our society has shifted to being way more open to people’s sexual preferences.

But, I’m not going to lie, if I meet someone who is in a relationship with a tree, then that conversation will be very very short.

Yes Charlotte, I See Your Web

Photo Credit: Imgur

If I’m going out for a walk with my dog and I see this, you can best believe that I’m dropping to the fetal position.

I want NONE of the ten thousand spiders in those webs to see me, including Charlotte. Even though Charlotte’s web is famous for some reason, I’m not interested.

You Can Rest Assured That It’s Staying Closed, Mr. Hilton

Photo Credit: Reddit / kaisyrob

The Hilton employees have absolutely nothing to worry about. As soon as I read anything about the High Rise Flying Spider, I’m hiding in the bathroom.

Can you imagine opening your beautiful penthouse suite balcony door only to get a face full of flying spider? No thanks.