Strange Pictures That Make Us Stop And Think “Of COURSE That’s A Thing”

Every so often, you see an object that makes you wonder how you ever lived your life without it. All of the items on this list are one hundred percent real. They are also all things that I apparently really want for some reason.

Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on a raincoat for your shoes, a nightstand for your enemies, and a centaur for your hand. Don’t worry, all of that will make sense in due course.

A Lettuce Umbrella

Photo Credit: TedCruzStoleMyMcRib / Reddit

Lettuce get out of the rain. Get it? It’s a vegetable pun. This is actually a great way to incorporate inevitable wrinkling into the umbrella design.

I would definitely buy this gadget. I’m glad that it exists. Apparently, it’s good at keeping you dry, but it’s not so great as a wind barrier.

Sneaker Raincoats

Photo Credit: Nocti_Mortis / Reddit

Here’s an idea, how about when it’s wet and rainy outside, we wear rainboots instead of these monstrosities?

I get that you want to keep your shoes pristine, but if care about them this much, maybe you just shouldn’t wear them outside.

He Cosplayed As The Actual Convention Center

Photo Credit: agonizedn / Reddit

This is the most meta cosplay I’ve ever seen. I applaud this creative soul. I hope he can see out of that thing, though.

I wonder how many people he bumped into that day. I hope the costume survived all of the collisions.

The Invisible Jet Back At It Again

Photo Credit: frenzy3 / Reddit

As an April Fool’s prank, Hot Wheels made Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. It was just an empty Hot Wheels packet.

The joke got a bunch of attention, though. So much that people demanded an actual Invisible Jet. Of course, Hot Wheels delivered.

This Inflatable Swan Thing

Photo Credit: Mgutierez2473 / Reddit

This looks like an Adventure Time character, and I have never wanted something so much in my life.

Everyone is so into pool floaties these days. It’s about time that somebody made one that all of us can really get behind. Keep reading to see a hand that turned itself into a horse-man.

Rap Albums, But With Michael Cera

Photo Credit: TheMysteryMachine420 / Reddit

Michael Cera makes every rap album better. His whole being is the opposite of rap. He’s so unsure about everything, and his voice is so cute and high pitched.

He’s just the counterpoint that rap needs— the one thing that it’s always been missing.

This Floating Mug Eliminates The Need For Coasters

Photo Credit: Panda_911 / Reddit

I think I would probably break that handle the first time I tried to drink out of that mug. It looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Considering that you’d have to buy it online, it would probably arrive broken anyway. There’s got to be a more stable way of building this.

The Handitaur— Because Of Course

Photo Credit: MapleLeafs0117 / Reddit

Don’t you want these five centaur pieces that go on your fingers to make one whole centaur? This thing looks like minutes of fun.

That head piece looks a little… suggestive. Maybe don’t get this toy for your kids. You don’t want them going down the wrong path, if you know what I mean.

A Nightstand That Turns Into A Weapon

Photo Credit: robloxpimp69 / Reddit

This nightstand turns into a bat and a shield for self-defense. This is actually pretty cool unless you want to use your nightstand as a table.

I’d end up knocking over my laptop and my glass of water as soon as I heard a noise downstairs. There’s no time for careful consideration when you’re springing into beast mode.

This Magnetic Cookie Dunker Is Bringing Us Closer To A World With No More War

Photo Credit: Panda_911 / Reddit

There are two things wrong with dunking cookies into milk with your fingers. Number one: your fingers get all messy. Number two: if you like a fully saturated cookie, sometimes it gets too milky and it falls apart.

This device solves both of those problems. The future is now.

A Tube To Prevent Distractions During Conversations

Photo Credit: nickelmoose / Reddit

Living in the future is great, but sometimes all of that technology can get distracting. Don’t we value actual face time anymore? And no, I’m not talking about the iPhone app.

This tube is for real face time and plenty of it. Honestly, I don’t think I like anyone enough to trap myself in a tube with them.

Fountain, Colorado

Photo Credit: USBmedic / Reddit

A landowner puts these signs up all over Fountain (which is a good name for a town in its own right). There are also signs that say, “End of the” Trail, “Out of” Place, and “This is the” Place.

I love when people take street signs into their own hands.

This Tide Pod Donut

Photo Credit: _MyThoughts_ / Reddit

Well, we might as well just give the people what they want. If people think Tide Pods look appetizing, then we’re going to make all foods look like Tide Pods.

This is the way capitalism works, folks. You’d better get used to it. Keep reading to see Nicolas Cage’s face like you’ve never seen it before.

When You’re A Cyborg Even In The Shower

Photo Credit: action_jim / Reddit

Why would you ever put your phone down when you can surf the web and wash your body at the same time?

Never have a minute to yourself with this shower curtain with waterproof pockets. Just be careful not to take any accidental selfies. Isn’t the future grand?

A Facebook Event For Walking Like Tobey Maguire

Photo Credit: Sergije3 / Reddit

Ok, I’m going to say it — this event is an excellent idea. The first time I saw Spiderman 3 I thought, wow, whoever directed this was really having a bad day.

Now you can experience the cringe for yourself with a few hundred of your closes acquaintances.

This National Treasure

Photo Credit: MusicEd921 / Reddit

This Nicolas Cage pillow is giving me all the feels— as in, I would imagine that pillow would be fun to feel.

I think I need several dozen of these. A few for every room of a house. Not my house, just somebody’s house. Somebody who doesn’t know that they’re getting a very thoughtful present.

A Hipster Nativity Set

Photo Credit: kbs42142 / Reddit

The only thing this set is missing is some guacamole. Maybe there’s an avocado in one of those Amazon boxes.

This is actually brilliant. I’m not a religious person, but I need one of these asap. I hope it’s a real-life hipster’s job to hand paint each one of those pieces.

Is That A Heart, Or…

Photo Credit: sksksk1989 / Reddit

This heart-shaped headphone splitter looks like… something else. Especially the placement of it. The whole package looks like something that’s not quite SFW.

If the headphone jack was at the top of the phone, this might have worked out better. Always think about these things, designers.

Fancy A Smoke And A Game?

Photo Credit: GhostTurdz / Reddit

The “in-use” picture really sells it. This is definitely not for tobacco use only. I know a few people who would love this product— maybe a little too much.

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when this device suddenly looks like a good investment.

Deceptive Detective Shoes

Photo Credit: RogerDat143 / Reddit

The soles of these shoes face the opposite way to confuse anybody who might be trying to track you.

It looks like walking around in them would be pretty uncomfortable, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to sneak around. Just don’t trip, ’cause then you’ll get caught for sure.