Police Investigate House With Reported Stench And No One Expected This

In Madagascar, a house was reported to authorities for having a distinct smell coming from it. Nobody in the neighborhood knew exactly what it was, but they could tell that something was wrong. The people who lived near the house tried to ignore it for as long as they could until they decided that it was time to call in the professionals. Although nobody knew what to expect, nobody could anticipate what they would actually find.

A Neighborhood Couldn’t Figure Out Where A Strange Smell Was Coming From

Lindsay Ferraris for The Washington Post via Getty Images
Lindsay Ferraris for The Washington Post via Getty Images

For some time, a home in Madagascar that was believed to be vacant was giving off a pungent and foul smell. While many of the residents in the area thought that the house had been abandoned, that was far from the truth.

At one point, the smell became so intense that the people in the neighborhood felt as though they were being suffocated. They wondered how such a smell could come from a house with nobody in it!