Terrifyingly Real Pictures Of Ghosts That Will Have You Avoiding The Ouija Board At All Costs

Questions have been asked for centuries regarding paranormal activity. Millions of enthusiasts and experts have been fascinated by the legitimacy of ghosts. This article has collected some of the most chilling pictures of the supernatural for your, uh, viewing pleasure?

Some of these photos were sent in by everday people like you and me while other pictures are very well known to paranormal fans. Whether you believe or not, it’s in your best interest to check these out and make an educated decision afterward.

Family Picture Circa 1930 In New Zealand

Photo Credit: Reddit / Njfurlong

This is a family picture from the 1930s, New Zealand. While the ghost standing near the top center of the screen might not be noticeable to us right away, apparently it haunted this family for years.

She would frequent their bedside table or the end of their bed, just standing in one place. There’s no backstory to who they think she is, but nonetheless, it’s creepy.

Just Another Reason To Not Go Into A Creepy Prison Tower

Photo Credit: Reddit / ohseven1098

While this picture looks like a couple buddies going on a prison tour, it’s actually anything but.

The face on the left is an actual human while the face on the right is, uh, well you decide. Only one person went into that prison tower which makes this picture really terrifying.

The Search For A Drowned Man Got Supernatural

Photo Credit: Reddit / CannedBeaner

This picture was taken by the news as a search party was out searching for what they thought was a drowning man.

Turns out they found something they certainly weren’t expecting. This light kept showing up above the paramedics as they searched for the body. Chilling. Coming up, a picture that will give you every reason to never enter an abandoned tuberculosis hospital.

Now I’m Never Going To Savannah, Georgia

Photo Credit: Reddit

This picture was taken with an iPhone 5 in Savannah, Georgia. This was originally planned to be an innocent picture of street lights and trees but ended up showing something much more sinister.

The picture caught a glimpse of what looks like a distressed bride wandering around. There was another picture taken just a second after this one which shows nothing.

The Boothill Ghost Rising Through The Ground

Photo Credit: Flickr

This picture was taken at the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona. If the name of the town doesn’t creep you out enough, this picture sure will.

This picture was taken on black and white film with a 1880s western outfit, but the picture was taken in 2012. Once the photographer got the film delivered to the drug store they realized they hadn’t been alone. A man seems to be kneeling on the ground, with no legs visible.

Note To Self: Never Wander Into An Abandoned Tuberculosis Hospital

Photo Credit: Imgur / Cloud2055

If this picture gives you the heebeegeebees, you’re not alone. This is a picture of a sanatorium, which is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital from the early 1900s.

Many believe that the figure in this picture is Mary Lee, who was a nurse that committed suicide in the hospital after being impregnated by one of the doctors. Just ahead, the infamous Tulip Staircase ghost and the picture that started it all.

Not What This Professional Photographer Signed Up For

Photo Credit: Flickr

This picture was taken by professional photographer Neil Sandbach in England. He was taking some preparatory pictures for an upcoming wedding and he caught a child dressed in white.

This wasn’t the first time this little girl was seen on the farm he was shooting. She was probably just mad about not being old enough to get an invite to the party.

The Newby Monk Gets A Photo-Op

Let’s not pretend that we know what this thing is in the picture. It was taken by a reverend at the Skelton-cum-Newby Church of Christ the Consoler.

I don’t know if this humanoid ghost spent too much time near a heating vent or something, but his face looks very melted.

Yeah, This Is A No From Me

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is the infamous Tulip Staircase ghost in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum.

The picture was sent to Kodak for photographic tampering tests and they came back negative. Although this picture was taken in 1966, this isn’t the only time there have been ghost sightings reported here. A man was seen miles away from his funeral sitting in a chair. The picture is coming up and it’s horrifying.

One Of The Most Famous Ghost Sighting Pictures Of All Time

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

This picture was taken in 1936 at the Raynham Hall in Norfolk England. Legend has it that the subject of this picture is Lady Dorothy Walpole whose death still remains a mystery.

She died in 1729 and has been spotted many times since in the Hall. I can cross going to Norfolk England off of my bucket list. Not because I’ve been, but because I never will after seeing this.

This Picture Was Captured In England As The Building Around It Burned

Photo Credit: Flickr

This was taken at Wem town hall as it burned. It was determined that whatever was in this picture had to be spiritual in nature because a living person couldn’t withstand the heat.

I don’t know what’s in the water in England or why everything is haunted but I’m starting to never feel the urge to go there again.

Crashing Your Own Funeral

Photo Credit: Flickr

This picture was taken in Combermere Abbey Library in 1891. You can see a man sitting down on a chair. It’s believed to be Lord Combermere.

He was killed after getting struck by a horse-drawn carriage and it’s said that his funeral was taking place just a couple of miles away at the time this photo was taken. The jury is out whether this ghost just ahead is a cat or a person. My money is on cat.

Never Skip Leg Day

These pictures were taken just seconds apart and if you look at the chair you’ll be able to see a slight difference.

It looks like there’s something sitting in the chair. All I have to say is that this thing obviously skipped leg day at the gym a lot because those things are tiny.

Why Don’t More Ghosts Dance?

Photo Credit: Imgur

This picture was taken in Yeater Hall at the University of Central Missouri which is known as a haunted location on the campus.

I don’t know about you, but if I see this picture I’m 100% NOT going to that school. On the bright side, she seems like a happy ghost. People who’ve seen her say that she’s always dancing. Good for her.

Kind Of Looks Like A Cat?

Photo Credit: Imgur

Just by taking a quick glance at this picture, I’ve determined that this is a floating cat or at least that’s what it looks like to me.

The only thing that’s creepier than a human ghost is a cat ghost. I could only imagine that those things would be malicious to no end. Coming up: a ghost that looks like it’s either on the glass or just outside of it. Be warned: it’s uncomfortable to look at.

The Queen Mary In Long Beach Is A Hot Bed For Ghosts

Photo Credit: Reddit / whoaitsjanna

According to many former and current employees at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, this picture isn’t the least bit surprising.

There are many myths and rumors surrounding the place with lots of ghost tales and stories of the spiritual entities many of them come into contact with.

I Have So Many Questions

Photo Credit: Reddit / mussyg

I know that we’re probably supposed to be paying attention to the figure in the background, but can we talk about what’s happening in the foreground first?

What is on this guy’s head and why did he deem it necessary to take a selfie? It’s anti-funny. On another note, that grandma/maid/woman in the background is terrifying.

Is It On The Window Or Standing Outside?

Photo Credit: Reddit

This was taken on a Blackberry a few years ago and it’s baffled the people who took the picture to this day.

The shape is very confusing and the angle to which it’s seen is also bizarre. There was nothing outside when they went to check out the scene afterward.

E.T. You’re Not Fooling Anyone

I just hope this little kid didn’t turn around and notice that he had E.T. following him closely behind.

I don’t know if E.T. was trying to blend in by wearing some sort of turtleneck clothing, or if he was just interested in a dope photobomb — nonetheless, you’re not fooling anyone.

And Now I’m Not Sleeping Ever Again

Photo Credit: Reddit

This picture was taken by a ten-year-old outside of his bedroom window. If this was me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my room for at least a year.

In fact, I’d demand that my family moves not just out of the city, but to Mars or somewhere else really drastically far away.