The Creepiest Places You Can Stay Overnight In America

If getting spooked is your thing you need to plan a trip to one of these haunted homesteads. Luckily for you, the US is chock full of spooky spaces so you don’t even need to go far from home to enjoy a haunt. Here are our top 20 picks guaranteed to give you goosebumps and to ensure a spooky good time. Be sure to book asap as these hotels have guests dying to get in. Here’s to a getaway you’ll never forget. Happy haunting!

La Canada Estate: Flintridge, CA


If you’re looking for the total package — free wifi, maid service, daily complimentary breakfast and a ghost — La Canada Estate is your place. The ghost of the previous owner, Robert T. Moore, who died here on October 30, 1958, is said to still roam the halls. But don’t worry, according to the current owner, Sherry, “He is content with what we’ve done with the house.” Sherry has had many guests and psychics come in contact with Mr. Moore allowing them to pass that tidbit of approval on to her. If a run-in with Robert does spook you, the Victorian decor will!

Haunted Castle House Bed & Breakfast: Brumley, MO


Considered the most haunted house in the Midwest, this Victorian home once served as a hospital and a funeral home. As if that isn’t creepy enough there’s also a graveyard in the backyard which might explain the immense amount of spirit sightings within its hallowed halls. The 169-year-old house happily sleeps up to eight guests and has plenty of information available on their infamous otherworldly guests. But be warned: no refunds are offered if you can’t make it through the night. That means a fright for you and your credit card bill.

The Manor: St. Paul, MN


For the mere price of $55 a night you can stay in what was voted “the most mysterious house in Minnesota.” What’s so mysterious? It’s rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who spends nights wandering the halls here. Family members of the home’s original owners confirmed that Rosalia Fihn died there of typhoid fever in 1908. Guests have reported a sighting of little girl’s barrettes lying around as well as ominous vibes coming from one of the closets. Owner Sean Doyle says, “I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to actual ghosts, but…there was definitely some of Rosalia’s energy here.”

Omni Parker House: Boston, MA


The infamous Beantown hotel is the site of many paranormal activities. The architect of the establishment, Harvey Parker has been spotted multiple times through the years. Notorious author, Charles Dickens once occupied the third floor for an extended period of time and guests have complained of the elevator taking them to three for no apparent reason time and time again. Other occurrences include ominous sounds and the noise of rocking chairs keeping boarders awake at night—although the hotel has no rocking chairs. Guests pay a pretty penny to be potentially haunted for an evening so start saving now.

Emily Morgan Hotel: San Antonio, TX


Known as the official hotel of the Alamo, The Emily Morgan Hotel once served as a medical facility with a mosque and a psychiatric ward. All of which explains the creepy sensations visitors feel when stepping foot inside. It’s considered the third most haunted hotel in the world thanks to its frequent reports of apparitions, ominous sounds, and sensations of being touched. The most haunted spaces sit between floors twelve and fourteen. They were the home to the hospital’s surgery wards and crematorium for patients who didn’t have families. Their lost souls still stagger about tormenting and tricking guests.

Dauphine Orleans Hotel: New Orleans, LA


New Orleans is known for being chock full of interesting characters both dead and alive. But just a block off of infamous Bourbon Street sits the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, the perfect destination to spot a spirit or two. Previous sightings include Civil War soldiers, courtesans who worked in the red light district, and other fascinating French Quarter characters. You never know who you’ll run into here! If you don’t spot any spirits, you’ll find plenty other in the surrounding areas thanks to New Orleans rich Voodoo history. It’s considered the most haunted city in the United States.

The Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, CO


Widely regarded as one of the spookiest places in America, The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s thriller novel, The Shining. Set at the base of an ominous mountain range, the hotel is home to spirits known to slam doors, play piano, and chatter amongst themselves. The fourth floor, where the concert hall was once held is said to be the most haunted space in the hotel. Guests can partake in one of The Stanley’s many paranormal ghost tours—including a five-hour long paranormal investigation held late at night. Can you say “Heeere’s Johnny!”

Hotel De Coronado: Coronado, CA


The hotel known for its stunning seaside views is also known for something much darker—the haunting of a woman named Kate Morgan. In Thanksgiving 1892, the twenty-four-year-old woman checked into the third-floor guest room and waited for her lover to arrive. After five days of being stood up, she took her own life and has been haunting the place ever since. Guests report seeing the figure of a pale woman cloaked in a black lace dress roaming the property. You can still stay in the exact room she died in where there have been reports of mysterious odors, sounds and moving objects.

Logan Inn: New Hope, PA


Dating back to before the Revolutionary War, the Logan Inn has at least eight regular paranormal visitors. Reportedly roaming its rooms and hallways are small children, a dark figure appearing behind guests in the bathroom mirror and white mist moving throughout the inn at night. One of the most popular ghouls is a giggling little girl, who like to watch as women comb their hair and do their makeup in the bathroom. Request Room 6, also known as Emily’s room if you’re really in the mood for a spook. The mother of a former owner of the building, Emily’s lavender perfume and soft crying at night have been detected by guests.

Cal-Neva: Lake Tahoe, CA


Lake Tahoe luxury hotspot, Cal-Neva is home to a few very famous and glamorous ghosts. Built in 1926, the hotel was frequented by superstars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe. Sinatra bought the hotel in 1960 and created secret tunnels between the bungalows and reception to shield his star-studded posse from unwanted paparazzi. The hotel is where Monroe reportedly spent her last weekend alive before prematurely passing away in Los Angeles. She’s said to roam the swimming pools and cabins overlooking the lake with her lover Sinatra. Other spirits can be found in the secret tunnels as well.

The Texas White House Bed and Breakfast: Fort Worth, TX


This quaint bed and breakfast has one ghost in particular who likes to get up close and personal to guests. The ghoulish culprit is reportedly the husband of the only family to live there before its transformation into a B & B. He’s been known to climb into bed with female guests staying in The Lone Star suite—the room which was at one time his bedroom. They’ve had multiple female guests traveling on their own complain of moving covers and the feeling of someone next to them while they sleep. Is he a lonely ghost or just creepy? We’ll let you decide.

The Hay-Adams Hotel: Washington, D.C.


This infamous Washington, D.C. hotel has a long history of haunting. Clover Adams, the wife of President John Adams’ descendent Henry Adams, took her own life at the Hay-Adams hotel in 1885. She now reportedly haunts the fourth floor by turning clocks on and off, and opening unlocked doors. Housekeepers on staff have reported her calling them by name or crying softly in the stairwell. Most sightings happen around the anniversary of her death, during the first two weeks of December. In 2009, President Obama braved a stay with First Lady, Michelle and Sasha and Malia right before his inauguration.

Queen Mary Hotel: Long Beach, CA


The retired cruise ship turned hotel is one of the most popular haunted destinations in the United States. For starters, it’s on water which is pretty creepy in itself. It’s also chock full of paranormal residents. The boat has a slew of regulars including the “lady in white,” a sailor who died in the ship’s engine room and a group of children who drowned in the ship’s pool. The ship became known as a haunted ship while still sailing the seas due to an abnormal amount of disasters occurring onboard. The worst? A split hull that left only a few survivors during one voyage.

The Myrtles Plantation: St. Francisville, LA


Deep in the heart of Voodoo land, you can find the Myrtles Plantation, an eery representation of what our country used to be like. This plantation is a living example of the atrocities that occurred during slavery and the home to a cast of ghostly characters. Here you’ll also find twelve regular ghosts visitors. The most famous of these ghouls is a former slave named Chloe who wears a bright green turban. She’s been spotted by dozens of guests throughout the years. Chloe’s even been caught on camera a few times and was part of a National Geographic special on the establishment.

Parks-Bowman Mansion: New Orleans, LA

Parks-Bowman mansion

It’s clear that if you’re game to see some ghosts, head to Louisiana. The third Louisiana hotel on this list is the Parks-Bowman Mansion. Not every room in the house is haunted but if you request the “haunted room” you’re in for the real deal. The owner of this Airbnb and dozens of her guests swear there’s the ghost of an 1890s little girl wearing a bright yellow dress in this one particular room. Pretty specific huh? But don’t worry—she’s described as being “very shy” so she won’t interfere too much with your trip. If you don’t spot here, there are plenty of other local haunts nearby.

Queen Anne Hotel: San Francisco, CA


Originally opened as a finishing school for girls, this now iconic hotel has a paranormal visitor on a regular basis. But unlike most on the list this one’s a friendly ghost! A few years after the school’s opening, the headmistress, Miss Mary Lake died suddenly. She was a kindhearted woman and still is to this day. Today you can find her in room 401 where she tends to cover up guests with blankets and even has unpacked a few suitcases. So if you want a ghost-filled stay with great service, we recommend the Queen Anne.

Laura’s Cottage: Savannah, GA


Yet another friendly ghost for our list! This little cottage nestled in rustic Savannah has a charming ghost visitor—its former owner, Laura. Built in 1799, the house has seen a lot of American history take place. It’s a frequent stop on local history and ghost hunting tours through town. Laura still inhabits her home of fifty years and can be found gardening, her favorite pastime. Each of the reported encounters have been friendly. If you’re not on the lookout for ghosts you might still be interested in staying. This house was the set for the 2010 Alexis Bledel film, The Conspirator.

Blue Moon Cottage: Jerome, AZ


Want to ease yourself into ghost hunting? Try a stay at the Blue Moon Cottage. Although the former occupant of the home is said to still be lurking around, she’s known to only make her presence known if you move her favorite chair. So you can easily steer clear of her if you choose! There are also plenty of other ghosts wandering throughout town. Jerome is a former mining town and this cottage overlooks a cemetery from the area’s golden days. Many of the people buried there died from a terrible influenza outbreak in the 1800s.

Terlingua GhostTown Ruin: Terlingua, TX


If staying overnight with the paranormal is too much for you, how about a visit to a ghost town instead? This old mining village was built by hand over one hundred years ago. It has since been lovingly updated and is ready for visitors to trek through its historic past. You can now stroll through the streets of this little-haunted space checking out the old jail and a creepy graveyard. At night you can enjoy the stunning star showers and take in the nature surrounding you. Aside from ghost hunting, the local landscape is great for hiking, biking and exploring.

Highlands Mansion: Denver, CO

highlands mansion.jpg

Guests flock to the Valentine suite, named after the daughter of Lumber Baron who built the luxe Victorian mansion. In the 1970s two young girls were tragically and mysteriously murdered here. Their spirits are rumored to roam this room late at night searching for whoever killed them. Guests stay up late hoping for a glimpse of one of them. If only make-pretend is more your thing, you can join in on one of the fun and festive Murder Mystery dinners the hotel also offers during your stay. It’s also equipped with an outdoor cannabis area so if you need to de-stress after a ghost encounter, you can.