The Most Terrifying Places In The World Where You Wouldn’t Send A Postcard From

Earth isn’t always a beautiful place. Some places around the world are downright pleasant, while others are rightfully deadly. Some places are here to give you goosebumps and freak you out, just a little bit.

These aren’t the places you would send postcards from to your loved ones, and they aren’t a place to knock off your travel bucket list. If you’re not afraid of anything, visit these ‘travel destinations’ if you dare.

Aokigahara Forest Is One Of The Most Haunted Places

Carl Court/Getty Images
Carl Court/Getty Images

Commonly known as the “Suicide Forest,” it’s the most haunted forest in the world. Since the 50s, 30-150 people a year have into the woods with no intention of coming out.

According to National Geographic, there was one period where officials found 36 bodies in a 37-day span.