The Real Reason Steakhouses Are Disappearing

There was a time in America when people would celebrate all big events and momentous occasions at a steakhouse. A steakhouse was the place to go for a special night out. It looks like Americans aren’t flocking to giant slabs of meat to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions anymore.

The steakhouse with all of its mythology is disappearing, and we want to know why.

Goodbye, Outback

Photo Credit: MeineMaennerwelt / Pixabay
Photo Credit: MeineMaennerwelt / Pixabay

The disappearance of the steakhouse isn’t a new phenomenon. In 2008, both Ponderosa and Bonanza were about to close their doors. Small chains weren’t doing much better.

Of course, everyone remembers the day that Outback Steakhouse closed dozens of restaurants in 2017. Did your local Outback close down? Do you miss it?