These American Towns Have The Most Unfortunate And Unusual Names

America is full of unique places. So you can be sure that within the country’s nearly four million square miles, there are some pretty odd town names out there. From the hilarious to the downright unfortunate, we’re going to take you to a few places in America that have really unusual names. And we’ll find out just how these towns ended up with their questionable titles. Would you rather live in Chicken, Alaska, or Toad Suck, Arkansas?

Ketchuptown, South Carolina

Wikimedia & Horry County Fire Rescue
Wikimedia & Horry County Fire Rescue

As of the writing of this article, the “Where to eat” section on the Facebook page for Ketchuptown simply says, “No recommended places to eat.” The small South Carolina community in Horry County got its name from local farmers who would travel to the small general store located at the Ketchuptown crossroads to “catch up” on the latest news.

Part of the store still stands today, but the crossroads is no longer the community hub that it once was, as a road-paving project in the late 1940s allowed the area residents to easily travel farther for supplies and gossip. Also pictured above is the Ketchuptown fire department.