These Facts About Jerry Springer Prove Why The Worst Show In TV History Is Actually One Of The Best

After twenty-seven years and nearly 4000 episodes, The Jerry Springer Show is rumored to be finally coming to a close. The show began in 1991 as a political commentary show, but within only a few years it turned into the drama-filled show with the fist fights we all know and love.

Even though America has spent almost three decades watching, there’s a lot we might have forgotten. Does anyone remember Springer’s successful political career? Or the time someone from the show was murdered? These facts about The Jerry Springer Show and the man behind it will remind you why one of the worst TV shows in history is really one of the most iconic pieces of American culture.

The Show All Started Because Springer Was Phil Donahue’s Replacement

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Photo credit: @Liberal80sFan / Twitter

Springer started out as the nighttime co-anchor on WLWT, the local Cincinnati NBC affiliate. In 1991, NBC needed to replace The Phil Donahue Show, so they chose Springer to star in a politically focussed show.

It’s difficult to imagine a show where two prostitutes fight over a man as originally being political.