These Infomercial Products Defy The Laws Of Shopping By Somehow Selling A Fortune

Infomercials have sold thousands of different types of products and had hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. The products range from jewelry to watermelon peelers and everything in-between.

Some of those products are so bizarre that they leave you scratching your head wondering who would buy it. But, crazy people buy crazy products. That’s like Newton’s seventh law or something. Enjoy these absurd infomercial products that sold very well.

Electric Facial Mask


If you think that you’re in a horror movie, you’re not alone. This is an actual product that people would wear that claimed to reduce wrinkles by “exercising” the facial muscles like sit-ups exercise your gut.

It also doubles as a great mask for Halloween or if you’re planning on murdering a few people casually.

Egg Stractor


It’s pretty easy to understand who infomercial products are geared towards — inherently lazy people who want to use as little energy as possible.

So, this device that peels your hardboiled eggs in the blink of an eye is popular. It looks like a cheap tire pump, but that’s just me.

Fanny Bank


This is a piggy bank that lets out a big fart noise every time a coin goes into it. Yes, that’s literally all it is. And yes, it sold really well.

Why? I don’t know. I feel like humanity’s intellect is getting curb-stomped every day I look at what people are buying.

GLH System


The Great Looking Hair System is an easy spray-on colored hair thickener and the ultimate solution for every balding man and woman.

This product was extremely popular in the 1990s. It’s basically like you’re spraypainting your head every time you use it. I don’t know, I think I’d just accept the baldness.



This is perhaps one of the most famous infomercial products that is actually a decent idea. It’s a wearable blanket with sleeves and became very popular in the “lazy couch potato” community.

There have been $400 million in sales for the Snuggie, which should absolutely depress you. 20 million of them have been sold.

Bark Off


This is one of the most bizarre products seen on TV. Basically, it was a buzzer that would stop your dog from barking.

It promised to only use “humane ultrasonic waves” that only dogs could hear. It had some weird side effects. The whining noise coming from the device was very eery and annoying.

Ginsu Knife


This infomercial was huge in the 70s. It basically claimed that it could cut through anything with ease. At one point, it showed the knife cutting a through a piece of metal.

The catch? These knives weren’t particularly special and the product wasn’t even Japanese like it insisted. A massive scam.

Wearable Towel


Who has time for a silly towel anymore? It’s such an inconvenience to have to wrap it around you after you get out of the shower.

So, why not invest in the wearable towel? This is a perfectly functional and fashionable style. You can get dry without having to worry about crying while you’re at it.

Back Up


This product was targeting paranoid gun owners and it worked wonders. This is a gun rack that is attached to the side of the bed.

I don’t know how comfortable I would be doing this, but I guess to each their own. The sales speak for themselves with this product.

Fat Magnet

This device was supposed to remove excess fat from greasy food. That sounds great in theory, but in practice, it just didn’t perform at all.

The customer reviews of this product are actually hilarious. It looks pretty cool, though. I have to give them that. I wish taking off fat was as easy as using a magnet.

Free Flexor


If you believed the creators of Free Flexor, you would’ve thought that this workout tool was the next big thing.

Well, it wasn’t and it’s not that big of a surprise. You literally just jiggle and wiggle the, uh, balls. It delivers the most embarrassing workout of all time. Congrats.

Uro Club


I hate everything to do with this product. Basically, it sells to golfers who have no control over their bladders?

The Uro Club allows you to, uh, discreetly pee into the handle. It also comes with a little towel so that you can pretend that you’re just washing your club.

Sauna Pants


The Sauna Pants promise you all the benefits of a sauna, but in your pants. If you don’t understand what that means, neither do I.

I’m just going to assume that these are some really hot pants. It also runs on a plug so you have to be close to an outlet, which really limits you.

Tiddy Bear


If you’re scratching your head on this one, you’re not alone. So I guess this would be to eliminate all of your seat belt problems and make driving more comfortable.

The name throws me off a little bit, but I guess it’s kind of catchy. The big perk is that you can get it in gold or pink. Woah.

Shake Weight


Let’s be honest, people are suckers for anything to do with easy and affordable ways to lose weight. But, the Shake Weight is one of the dumbest ways to achieve those goals.

It’s suspiciously sexual and has been rightly parodied on SNL and all around the internet. I’m sad this thing still exists.

Potty Putter


This is one of the most iconic infomercial products of all time. This is perfect for the toilet procrastinator.

For all the golf enthusiasts who want to practice their putting while sitting on the john, there’s no place like the toilet to become a golf pro.

Citi Kitty


Cats are quickly taking over the world. They are starting to be able to open doors. They can talk, kind of.

If they can start to use the toilet, we’re all in big trouble. That’s exactly what this product is looking to do and I’m not having any of it.

Wax Vac


There’s nothing unsafe about putting a vacuum into your ear hole, is there?

This little device did just that. I actually need to get me one of these. I always end up hurting myself when I use Q- tips, I don’t know why. I’m falling victim to this product for sure.

Poo Trap


I know that dogs don’t get embarrassed very easily, but man oh man, this is a great way to do it. Honestly, I think that I’d rather have a doggie diaper than this doggy poop bag.

I don’t know, I could be overreacting here, but I would never put my dog through this.

Hawaii Chair


Right now there’s this trend going around with “standing desks”. Yes, people are voluntarily standing at their desks in order to avoid back problems later in life.

As radical as that is, the Hawaii Chair is even more so. It used to spin you in circles and work your abs while you sat in the office.