These Photos Taken From An Odd Perspective Will Make You Do A Double Take

There’s more to these photos than what meets the eye. It looks like there’s something really fishy going on in all of these confusing pictures, but really it’s just perspective playing tricks on you. Take another look and you’ll figure out what’s really happening.

Keep reading to see some camera angles that will turn your mind into mush. Is that really a cat with tiny arms, or is your brain playing tricks on you?

The Skinniest Legs Around

Photo Credit: `heshotcyrus / Reddit

I don’t think the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes is the weirdest thing about this photo. I honestly thought she had two very skinny legs until I noticed that she was just standing sideways and wearing striped pants.

I guess Shafeeq and I were on the same page.

A Tiny Arm On A Regular Man

Photo Credit: Gabesdefig / Reddit

His facial expression really makes that tiny arm believable. It looks like he has his little hand on his big hip and he’s about to say something sassy.

Sometimes you just take a picture at the perfect moment and everything works out for the best.

The Key To Success

Photo Credit: Sergnb / Reddit

Obviously, the key to success is standing in front of a graduation hat-shaped building so it looks like your head is full of some fresh graduate knowledge. Wearing a shiny shirt that looks like graduation robes helps too.

Congratulations, DJ Khaled! You smart. You loyal.

This Is Not An Ancient Temple

Photo Credit: TheShadowDemon247 / Reddit

I know this looks like the ruins of an old temple, but in reality, it’s just a closeup picture of a dusty motherboard. There’s something metaphorical in there somewhere. Look how far we’ve come as a society.

We have computers now. You’re reading this list on some kind of working computer.

The Bald Squad

Photo Credit: Mr_Malvic / Reddit

There’s actually only one bald guy in this car. The rest of those bald guys are really headrests. Stick some sunglasses on them though, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Do you think this guy bought this fancy car to compensate for his lack of hair?

Is It A Bird Or Is It A Cat?

Photo Credit: jesusgains / Reddit

You know all of those optical illusions of young ladies and old ladies and ducks and rabbits? Well, here’s a real-life version of that.

This cat made himself look like a bird, probably so he can sneak up on the enemy. I tot I taw a puddy tat.

A Long Cow

Photo Credit: stealinggreen / Reddit

I’ve heard of a longhorn, but never a long cow. I wish there really were cows this long just walking around on farms and stuff. Think about it. Double the amount of milk. The longest milk you’ve ever seen in your life.

Can milk be long? I think it can.

Attack Of The Giant Squirrels

Photo Credit: SlowMagenta / Reddit

One day, squirrels actually are going to be as big as cars. You mark my word. You can laugh all you want, but one day it’s going to happen and on that day, I’m going to say I told you so.

For now, we just have to settle for pictures like this one.

A Tap On The Shoulder

Photo Credit: UndeadCircus / Reddit

Does that man have a super long arm or do my eyes deceive me? I think my eyes and this photo are playing tricks on me.

Thank goodness it’s not actually that guy’s arm because that would be pretty creepy and also physically impossible.

Feeding Swans In The Snow

Photo Credit: Mass1m01973 / Reddit

It looks like this guy is about to step off of the edge of nothing into… something? Swans? This is a perfect depiction of yin and yang. Somebody turn this picture into a poster.

I want to put it up on every wall in my house.

A Little Standing Cat

Photo Credit: primos235 / Reddit

Actually, this is a picture of a normal cat with a sock lying across his back. I know, it took me a while to see it too.

I prefer to think of him as a little standing cat though. That’s the way I’m going to choose to look at him from now on.

An Invisible Car

Photo Credit: Vatramint / Reddit

This car looks like it’s scooting onto the road from another dimension. In reality, it’s just a bumper left on the road after a crash.

The rain does make it look pretty otherworldly, though. It looks like Wonder Woman’s car morphing into a regular car.

Two Girls In One

Photo Credit: NBLSS / Reddit

Is this man holding up conjoined twins, or is there some fishy photography going on here? If you do a double take, you’ll notice that the woman in the black top is actually holding up her friend in the floral top and black skirt.

This picture is messing with my head.

This One Made Me Do A Triple Take

Photo Credit: LFranceschi / Reddit

This one is a bit of a puzzle to figure out. The black outfits make it kind of difficult. Also, the contorted figure skating poses are making my eyes hurt.

The bottom line is that those are not his legs. That’s really all you need to know.

A Magic Carpet Ride

Photo Credit: tronx69 / Reddit

This shadow of a flag makes it look like this woman is on a floating platform. I’m not sure why it looks like she’s giving a speech to nobody on a random beach, but I’m sure she has a good reason.

A magic reason, even.

Ok, I’m Lost

Photo Credit: jjaykirsch / Reddit

Um… I’m not sure where this baby’s head starts and this man’s body begins. I’ve been staring at this picture for like an hour (okay, more like two minutes) and I can’t figure out what’s happening here.

Oh, I see now. The baby’s face blends into the mans face. That makes sense— sort of.

Two Llamas Or Three Llamas?

Photo Credit: b_lumenkraft / Reddit

I have to admit, I saw this as three llamas first. But after realizing that I could have seen a llama ringing a little bell, I kind of wish I saw that option first.

I know llamas don’t really have hands, but if they did, they would probably ring bells all the time.

The Tallest Bus In The World

Photo Credit: OmarNasr45 / Reddit

This bus looks like something straight out of Harry Potter. Except, it’s not really a tall bus. It’s a normal bus in front of a tall building.

I don’t think a bus that tall could move without falling over. It would just be physically impossible.

The Grass Is Getting Lit

Photo Credit: TheBreadSkeleton / Reddit

I totally thought this was a picture of a concert the first time I looked at it. Apparently, grass knows how to have a good time.

I kind of want to party with grass now. Everybody put your plants in the air, and wave ’em like you just don’t care.

This Dog Looks Like He’s Been Mounted On A Wall

Photo Credit: The56thBenjie / Reddit

Where did this dog’s body go? It looks like he’s been stuffed and mounted. Really he’s just being a really good boy and sitting nicely on the floor.

This picture angle is messing me up. It’s too much for my eyes to handle. Also, this dog is very cute. What I can see of him, anyway.