These Ridiculous Warning Labels Prove That Somone Out There Was Stupid Enough To Try It Once

In 1992, an elderly woman named Stella Liebeck ordered a cup of coffee from McDonald’s, spilled it on her lap, then sued McDonald’s for $3 million. Even though everyone is aware that coffee is a hot beverage, the court agreed that McDonald’s needed to warn her that the coffee was dangerously hot because they knew it could cause harm.

Thanks to that lawsuit, companies now warn us about absolutely everything. It’s not because they care — it’s because they know someone out there has no common sense, and they want to cover their butts. Why else would we need a sign reminding us that fire is hot? These warning signs and elaborate instructions will make you lose faith in people.

I’ll Make Sure To Try Not To Eat A Metal Rod

Photo credit: fattymctubkins / Reddit

I know that clothes hangers have been used in some life-threatening ways in the past, but I didn’t think anyone was trying to eat them. I want to meet the person who goes through the effort of getting pliers, twisting apart the metal rod so that it’s in an edible form.

If they are putting in that much work, this warning label probably won’t stop them.

I Thought Washing The Child At The Same Time Was Like Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Photo credit: PsychoDroid / Reddit

This warning label is news to me. I thought that washing the child with the shirt was a way to avoid bathing them. In hindsight, sticking a toddler in a washing machine wasn’t the best parenting idea I’ve had.

I’m glad I have this warning label to make me rethink my actions.

Who Is Expecting A Hot Dog That Size?

Photo credit: Albuyeh / Reddit

The worst part about this sign is you know they had to add the “not actual size” because someone went to the food counter expecting a ten-foot hot dog. Don’t get me wrong, I’d also accept a humongous hot dog for fifty cents, but who is dumb enough to think that’s a real thing?

The sign coming up comes off less like a warning, and more like a threat.

For All The Times You Forget How A Hat Works

Photo credit: Reddit

Silly people out there don’t even know the proper way to wear a hat. It’s like they gave a child a hat for the first time and observed all the dumb things they tried to use it for.

The instructions look like rules to a fun party game. Whoever can use their butt to hold the hat up to the wall the longest wins the biggest slice of cake.

This Is News To Me

Photo credit: F-this / Reddit

I truly appreciate whatever restaurant really wanted to add a fire pit to set the mood, but knew the dangers of fire and alcohol.

Not only do they have this clear and concise sign reminding us all that fire is hot, but they also have encased the fire pit in a three-foot metal fence. No lawsuits are happening on their watch.

This Feels Like A Threat

Photo credit: Reddit

I don’t know if I’m taking this sign a little too personally, but it feels like someone is personally threatening me with death if I don’t recycle. It feels like I stumbled onto a crazy environmentalist’s personal trash stash. Whatever their reasoning, it worked. I’ll even make sure to sort it right.

The warning sign coming up makes it very clear that you will die in the most unfortunate way if you don’t listen.

I Guess I’ll Rob Another Transport Truck

Photo credit: @burrithoes / Twitter

What’s the backstory here? A sign like this must only be there because someone actually tried to rob a Chipotle truck driver and expected burritos. Who risks life in prison for a burrito?

The person who inspired this sign just wanted to live in a world where they didn’t have to pay extra for guac.

Now I’m Just Walking In Circles

Photo credit: ChefDanG / Reddit

I want to think this is an innocent mistake, but this is definitely a sign that’s meant to confuse you on purpose. I bet the business behind is a front to sell drugs or is committing tax fraud.

They legally need to be open, but they want to deter as many customers as possible.

What A Way To Die

Photo credit: Harvickfan4Life / Reddit

I honestly don’t think I need a sign to avoid a pit of manure. This seems like something where the smell would be more than enough warning. But for anyone with a cold, this sign makes it very clear that it’s not a fun way to die.

The instruction coming up may help some people, but it’s just a way of life for others.

Do Men Really Need This Much Help To Pee?

Photo credit: The-Lazy-Lemur / Reddit

This sign with very detailed examples of how to use the washroom was found in Victoria, Australia. I’m not sure what people are doing down under, but squatting beside a toilet doesn’t fly in America.

Maybe the U.S. should get a few of these signs just for the Australian tourists.

So I Can Only Smoke If I Enter The Left Door?

Photo credit: King_Inde_ / Reddit

It sounds like the person who put up these signs couldn’t decide what to do. Company policy says absolutely no smoking, but they know their manager gets in a bad mood if they don’t get their afternoon cigarette.

They tried to accommodate, but it has just made things way too confusing for the rest of us.

I Don’t Need Instructions To Do This

Photo credit: Reddit

Music is meant to fill the heart and soul, so it makes sense why there is so much emotion attached to the instructions. But let’s be honest. I didn’t need to be told this. A true brooding artist will live every day with intense sadness. It’s not a phase, mom. It’s a lifestyle.

The sign coming up got a little too specific and left me with more questions than answers.

Looks Like A 50/50 Chance

Photo credit: Reddit

What a waste of a label-maker strip. If you’re going to bother labeling this machine that is so obviously full of peanuts, then why include the word “may”? What is the probability here?

Even if there were an item in there that’s not a peanut, it would have been surrounded by peanuts for months.

Because A Danger Sign Isn’t Enough To Scare Us Anymore

Photo credit: pdmcmahan / Reddit

Danger signs are just so common that most of us don’t even take them seriously now. It’s like they’re asking us to push the big red button that says “Do Not Push.”

At least this sign got a little more detailed about just how dangerous it is. After reading this, I know to move on to another dangerous item that will result in a less painful death.

Is Tax Included?

Photo credit: subpar_man / Reddit

California has been ravaged by wildfires, so they’re not taking any chances. Not only is smoking and fires prohibited, but they’ve even laid out a detailed fine for you. I hope the $541 has taxes included, because anything more won’t fit in my monthly bonfire budget.

The warning label coming up makes you wonder how many kids were harmed before they finally took action.

A Poor Man’s Washing Instructions

Photo credit: senor_carne / Reddit

I take my washing instructions very seriously. Having two separate guidelines just stresses me out. I want my garment to last as long as possible, but I can’t do it if I don’t know if tumble dry or volcano dry is the better option.

I might have to live off ramen for a month, but I’ll wash in champagne if I need to.

I Wish The Marshmallow Didn’t Look So Excited About It

Photo credit: Kshandoo / Imgur

I honestly don’t think I could buy this bag of marshmallows. There is no instructions or warning signs necessary for marshmallows, but someone decided to go ahead and do it anyways.

And to make it worse, they have the cutest little marshmallow telling me to set them on fire. No thanks.

How Many Times Did This Have To Happen Before They Needed To Warn About It?

Photo credit: Ouberponage / Imgur

I understand that shopping with small children can be the most stressful time of the week for a parent. The easy way out is to shove them in the mesh tote bag attached to your cart.

But after little Timmy ate too make chicken nuggets and broke through the mesh and got trampled on Black Friday, the store figured they should warn people to be better parents.

Maybe They’re Old Pet Rocks

Photo credit: whatsdomatta / Reddit

Unless the artifacts are newborn kittens, in which I will be 100% more likely to touch the glass, what’s the big deal? Are these Pet Rocks from the ’80s with feelings? If they’re just old arrowheads and fossils, then they probably won’t get startled.

I think this sign was put up by the janitor that was just tired of Windexing fingerprints off the glass every night.

The Warning That Started It All

Photo credit: ohmaddening / Reddit

It may have been McDonald’s that had to deal with the original lawsuit, but they’re not alone. In 2017, a woman was awarded $100,000 by a jury because of a faulty Starbucks lid.

You didn’t hear this from me, but if you have student debt to pay off, just find a coffee shop without a warning label.