What Even Are These Weird Thrift Store Findings?

If you believe that thrift stores only contain piles of junk fit for Macklemore, you’re missing out. Yes, there’s a lot of junk in thrift shops. But if you dig deep enough, you’ll unearth some real gems: hilarious, unexpected objects sold for under $10.

What will Goodwill accept? As it turns out, they’ll take anything from a dragon bike helmet to a horse-shaped shoe, to a rock. Put on your $3 sweater and enjoy the weirdest items found in thrift stores.

How To Take Baby Steps

tiny baby dolls inside the clear soles of shoes

There are many puns at play here. Baby shoes. Baby steps. Sole child. Nightmare fuel. That last one wasn’t a pun; it was just the truth. These shoes look like a horror movie prop that was donated to a thrift shop.

Internet users theorize that these shoes were custom-made, because why would any company think this is a good idea? One thing’s for sure: whoever wears these must be incredibly metal.