Facts Behind Sophomore Albums That Would Make Fans Jam Out For All Eternity

Most bands have a remarkable debut album, but they fail when it comes to the second one. The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand fell victim to that problem, which proves the sophomore slump is still alive. However, not all follow-up albums are that bad.

In fact, the best sophomore albums maybe some of the greatest albums ever. Some artists outperformed their debut album, and there’s a group whose album was referred to as the “Sgt. Peppers of hip-hop.” These are important albums that have stood the test of time that will have people talking for years.

It Takes A Nation Million Of Millions To Hold Us Back Is One Of The Most Influential Hip-Hop Albums

Photo Credit: @publicenemy/Facebook
Photo Credit: @publicenemy/Facebook

The hip-hop group left fans wanting more after Yo! Bum Rush the Show. It was no surprise that they were ready to give more thanks to Chuck D’s elusive rhymes.

Flavor Flav provides his comedic routines with more personality. Since its release, music writers and publications regarded this as one of the most influential albums of the genre.