Ingo The Dog And Poldi The Owl Are Best Friends

Ingo and Poldi are two special animals who share a friendship that nobody would have ever predicted. Ingo is a large Belgian German Shepard, and Poldi (Napoleon) is a small and sweet owlet. Although it may be strange to see them together, it’s very obvious that they two share a strong bond with one another.


Photo Credits: Tanja Brandt

The two animals are both members of wildlife photographer Tanja Brandt’s big animal family, although that still doesn’t explain what brought the two together. Brandt describes the pair’s relationship as “protector and protected” with Poldi being the protected. Even though Poldi is one year older than Ingo, the dog goes out of his way to make sure that Poldi is close by and protected at all times.


Photo Credits: Tanja Brandt

Although Poldi has other owl brothers and sisters, he is more vulnerable and skittish than the rest. He hatched a few days after the others and is the runt of the litter. This required him to need a little bit more attention than the others. Fortunately, Ingo comes from a family of police dogs and has experience protecting others. He was was happy to befriend Poldi. However, their relationship isn’t just a one-way street. Poldi also has a deep affection for Ingo and likes to snuggle with him and make him feel comfortable as well. When the two are together, they can be seen basking in the sun, taking a dip in the water, hiding in the leaves, or just goofing around. The relationship is beneficial for both of them and proves that friendships can be born even in the most unusual situations.


Photo Credits: Tanja Brandt

Luckily for us, their owner and wildlife photographer Tanja Brandt cherishes their relationship almost as much as they do. She makes a point to regularly document their friendship and posts them on their website for people to see. Along with Ingo and Poldi, Tanja takes care of other birds such as hawks, falcons, and numerous other avians.


Photo Credits: Tanja Brandt

Although the two animals live separate lives, they see each other frequently and Tanja is usually there to sneak photos of them paling around as much as possible. She even catches them in some rather unusual circumstances! Check out Tanja’s website for updates of Ingo and Poldi as well as her other incredible wildlife photography here!


Photo Credit: Tanja Brandt