Just Some Garage Sale Finds That Will Make You Raise Your Eyebrows Right Off Your Forehead

I have explored a good few garage sales in my day, and I’ve never found anything quite as interesting as any of the items on this list. Get ready to see some stuff that’s definitely seen some stuff.

All of these items were found by real people at real garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment stores. Things are about to get creepy.

But Why?

Photo Credit: zydeco / Reddit

Check out this piece found at a thrift store for three bucks. A guy named Pete painted this block of wood almost every day for fourteen years.

I wonder why he did it, but I’m way more curious about why he stopped. Anyway, three dollars sounds like a bargain. I’d buy it.

Pass The Ball, Jesus

Photo Credit: Reddit

This thrift store find sure is… interesting. Shouldn’t he be playing goalie because Jesus saves?

Also, how is Jesus bending like that? I couldn’t get my foot at that angle without getting a divine cramp. I guess he’s just miraculously good at kicking and passing.

I’m Frightened

Photo Credit: cactusfairyprincess / Reddit

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a horrible idea. Kids should learn about the bible. It’s an important religious and cultural artifact. Sometimes kids learn better through play acting.

But do kids really need to wear blood and boils and death on their faces? Probably not.

Is This Supposed To Be A Hint?

Photo Credit: prototypo / Reddit

This guy’s girlfriend found this album at a garage sale and decided to buy it for him. Do you think she’s trying to tell him something?

Maybe she wants a creepy massage from a poor man’s Burt Reynolds. Maybe she just wants a massage. The message is unclear.

Five Dollars For This Masterpiece

Photo Credit: erahwahh / Reddit

I don’t know why anybody would want to get rid of this gorgeous piece of art, and for five dollars no less.

That means that each of these seashell poker players cost about a dollar each if you throw in a dollar for the table and the accessories. That’s an excellent deal.

A Box Of Feet

Photo Credit: FraternityMan / Reddit

Can you believe that these feet were only a dollar fifty each? That’s why this guy swooped in and scooped up the entire box.

I’m not sure what he thinks he’s going to do with these. Maybe he’ll use them as home decor, or maybe he’ll just use them to freak out the neighbors.

This Couch Is For The Dogs

Photo Credit: EllieMental / Reddit

I know dog’s are cool and allI’ll, but haven’t we all decided that we shouldn’t let them on the sofa? I think I’d rather let one actual hairy dog sit on my nice couch than have a couch covered in dog fabric.

Who made this? What possessed them to do it?

A Goodwill Snowglobe

Photo Credit: lajih / Reddit

Well, this company seems to have a strong aversion to cats of all kinds. Is this some weird, sad parody of Hello Kitty?

Whatever it is, I don’t like it. Whoever owned it obviously didn’t like it either. That’s how it ended up at Goodwill.

A Croc Purse

Photo Credit: booger-burger69 / Reddit

This purse would look great with a pair of pyjama pants and a Walmart shopping cart. I can just see it strutting down the vitamin aisle.

Look, it may not be the prettiest purse in the world, but I can see how it would be great for carrying groceries or dirty gardening tools.

A Consignment Store Cat

Photo Credit: Freyja565 / Reddit

You would think if one were making a cat table, one would use the cat’s legs as the legs of the table and rest the tabletop on the cat’s back.

That’s why this piece is so special. It’s a unique take on an old idea. It’s also frightening as heck.

For The Birds

Photo Credit: alder44n / Reddit

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I actually really really want this. Like, somebody please tell me how can get it or where I can find it because I need this in my life.

The color is super on trend, the legs are amazing, it’s a functional mirror… What’s not to like?

Happy Birthday To Me

Photo Credit: Charliemid / Reddit

Um… what exactly is a birthday germ? Are they germs you get on your birthday or are they germs that stay on your tongue after you eat too much birthday cake?

I think I’ll stick with my non-birthday tongue scraper, thank you very much.

Back At It Again With The Bird Feet

Photo Credit: JunkyardForLove / Reddit

This piece has everything a good weird garage sale item should have. It has feet, it has bird feet, it has a creepy baby head, and it’s old.

Somebody saw this and scooped it up real fast. What an exquisite piece of art. Why would anybody give this away? I kid, it’s terrifying. Get it away from me.

A Gift From The Mother-In-Law

Photo Credit: Revenge_of_the_Lawn / Reddit

I guess this is a nice gift. The wife who received it probably didn’t feel that way, though. That’s how it ended up in a consignment store.

I have to say, it is just a wee bit awkward, even if it was given without a stitch of sarcasm.

Get This Strawberry Out Of My Face

Photo Credit: FrankieAK / Reddit

Why do I have a memory of a fruit magnet similar to this one? I feel like my grandmother had a magnet like this on her fridge.

It can’t have been this creepy though, cause if it was I’d probably have a stronger memory of it.

Shark Rider

Photo Credit: DanStaircruiser / Reddit

This thrift store t-shirt is pretty amazing if you ask me. I’m not sure how the shark is still alive if it’s all sliced up, but I guess it’s just a really strong shark.

This is what America is all about. George W. Bush would be proud.

I Love You, You Love Me

Photo Credit: bright-eyed-one / Reddit

This Barney lamp looks like it’s seen some things— some pretty disturbing things. This lamp is hand painted, and it’s only five dollars. What a bargain.

I don’t know what’s on his chin. Some white paint? We should just look away. To think that this lamp was probably in a kid’s room… That poor kid.

Ever Want To Eat Potatoes Out Of A Potato?

Photo Credit: pizzaxlady / Reddit

For the low, low price of $3.99, this potato shaped bowl with a matching potato spoon could be yours. Just shove some mashed potatoes in there and you’ve got yourself a stylish side dish.

This is the way that all food should be served.

A Horse Shoe, Get It?

Photo Credit: GenderlessBatcaver / Reddit

Would you look at this piece of punny footwear? How could you resist a lovely and funny artifact like this one?

Use this horse shoe to store bits and bobs from around your house. Fill it with paperclips, staples, random erasers, whatever suits your fancy.

Um, Is That Legal?

Photo Credit: tpsmc / Reddit

Ok, I’m pretty sure you can’t just go around reselling your prescription drugs. Also, who has that many unwanted drugs just lying around?

You know, you’re supposed to finish your antibiotics. Not finishing the whole bottle is how you get superbugs, and then we’re all in trouble.