People Shared The Ways They Quit Their Jobs Thanks To The Stupidity Of Their Boss

There’s something about being named Michael that is legendary. There’s Michael Jackson, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, and of course, the World’s Best Boss, Michael Scott. If you have seen The Office, you know there are a select few who prefer friends over work, making them a bad manager. Sure, most people would resort to drinking and think how much they hate Michael Scott, but he does have a soft side.

Consider yourself lucky, because having a bad boss is something you will experience some time in your life. The moments where you sit and think “I can’t take this anymore” became a Reddit thread, asking “what’s something your employer did that instantly killed employee morale?” These are their stories.

Irony Can Be So Cruel

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Laugh out loud. I hope she had everything organized, labeled, and free of clutter on your way out the door. You can agree with any manager that organization is key, and it sucks to enter or leave work with a mess.

However, if you’re going to fire someone, make sure you have a replacement ready to step in at a moments notice.

Haha, You Took A Dump In There!?

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I thought this was something that happens on TV and in movies, but never expected this to become a reality. It’s like they think their employees are blind and just happy to. have a job.

Just be happy that you didn’t have to organize your boss’ vacation before hearing that they couldn’t give you a raise.

How Does Someone Become So Stupid?

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That company definitely deserved to get busted for this. It’s money well spent on the lawyer, and who knows what could have happened if they didn’t jump to action.

Also, it’s illegal for employers to ask if you plan on having kids in the next 2-5 years. Some people just don’t have boundaries. What happens when you try to get pregnant more than once? The awful truth is just around the corner.

Instant Karma

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Karma is nothing but a consequence for your actions. You sure have some great motivation while working for the competitor, but not so much at your previous job.

I understand why people quit, and I don’t know about you, but I would be completely unhappy with my manager taking away a trip to Cancun.

Ahhh, Those Slackers

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Been there, done that. I got the promotion at some call center job years ago but decided enough was enough after two weeks.

Sure, this seems like a great idea, but it backfires really quick. Nobody should have to work for someone who has to do someone else’s job, but that seems to happen a lot these days.

They Say That The Third Time Is A Charm

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How is this even possible? In most countries, that’s against the law. It’s like they didn’t care she was about to give birth and just handed the position to one of the lowly interns.

But often some mothers are too busy with the new baby to report this happening. No matter where you work, everyone should be allowed time off for a baby. Some people are nice, while others are cruel. You’ll never guess what one manager did with an “open concept” to their office.

Fun Time Is Over!

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That’s a great chance for you to catch up on some sleep. Except when you’re startled awake and try to offer customer support to the dog that was chasing you in your nightmare.

Needless to say, this sounds like the most boring job on the planet when no calls come in.

No Sympathy For The Devil

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What a cruel thing to say. Somebody must have sunk low to say this, especially in a public meeting.

This boss is nothing but human scum. I mean, what other excuse do you need? Someone just had brain surgery, but seems as though the manager might need a new brain implant.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

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I can only imagine how horrible this would be for people who are very sensitive to sounds. Apparently, the “open office concept” is a such a great idea to some, but it’s a headache for the ones who really want to do their jobs.

Trust me, I know this because I’ve worked in a shared office space that’s almost like a daycare for adults. One way to boost work morale is just ahead. But, it’s not exactly what you think it is.

And They Say That Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

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Your body can’t stop itself from the urge to vomit — your body just does it. You should put up a sign that says “Vomit is a symptom of a disease state.”

And if almost everyone was vomiting, then perhaps there is a bug going around that needs to be fixed.

So, What’s Your Job?

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So many managers have no clue what other positions require, and even fewer could do the work of their employees.

It’s like they’re telling you that any monkey can do your job. I could only imagine this happening between a teacher and a student, with the student calling out their teacher for not doing their job.

That’s One Way To Keep Work Morale High

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Geeze, that sounds like a nightmare. My desk is filled with fun things to keep me company during any slow part of the day.

But then again, that’s the story of my life for the profession I’m in. If a slinky is going to get me to 5 PM every day, then I haven’t lost my mind… yet. When someone tries to give you “motivation to seek other employment,” the next one coming up is so demotivational.

Team Bonding 101

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In this day and age, everyone should have access to the internet. You must be some bitter old hag who doesn’t want to please anyone because they’re mad at the world.

This manager doesn’t seem to realize that the more this happens, the more disgruntled employees they’ll have.

Merry Christmas, Employee 273051

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Oh, come one, if you can get the address right, it’s not hard to get the name right.

Even if someone was using Microsoft Word or something similar, they may have inserted the wrong field in the address. But still, someone should have noticed before sending them out.

Talk About Demotivation

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I hope they mean “motivation to seek other employment” because otherwise, that is so demotivational.

I hope everyone at that company quits because this person certainly has a warped way of motivating people. This guy sounds like the description of a credit card salesperson. The next one ahead has a company with zero work ethic.

It’s Fun To Watch Managers Kiss Butt For A Week

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It seems as if all companies need an employee survey for this reason. Even if corporate doesn’t read it all, it’s great to watch them kiss butt for a week.

Knowing that their review is coming up, they’re willing to do anything to be on your good side during this desperate time.

When You Get Everyone Else Sick

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When you get sick, you should have it off. No matter if it’s one day or fifty (you get about five sick days) it’s always separate from vacation days.

I don’t understand how some managers make you come in when you’re under the weather. We’re not robots. We’re people who need to make a living.


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There are no ethics with this company. Go ahead and submit your two weeks without notice, I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that’s this much like high school.

In a crappy economy, some managers do worse and worse things to take advantage of their employees because they can’t afford to quit these days.

Another Meaning Behind Vacation For A Week

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Couldn’t she just set the computer to send the pay automatically at a specified date and time?

I mean, not if she is the one that submits payroll to the payroll company, but she doesn’t seem to realize that we aren’t living in the 20th century anymore. Heck, my old company used to do that and it was a life-saver.

There’s Always Two Irrepacable People You Can’t Stand

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Back in college, my boss told me that my work was just “not good enough” when there wasn’t much to do.

Then, I realized there were these two guys that only did their job when management was around, so I decided to quit. I’m not sure what happened to those guys, but I assume they’re still working at the same store today.