Pictures Of Life In The Polar Vortex Will Literally Give You Chills

People who live in the midwest are used to cold winters, but it has been a long time since they saw anything like #PolarVortex2019. That name might sound a little dramatic but it’s an actual scientific term. A polar vortex is a set of strong winds that keep cold air high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Normally, the extreme cold is locked around the Arctic, but every once and a while, a polar vortex can drift a little further south. And when it does, people freak out.

The only good thing to come from a polar vortex is that some brave souls will inevitably leave their warm houses to capture some incredible–and downright insane—photos of life in the cold. Check out these quite literally bone-chilling photos of what happens when a modern city is hit with -40-degree weather. After looking at these you might consider moving further south before the next vortex hits.

Blowing Bubbles Isn’t All Fun And Games

polar vortex 16

These frozen bubbles look like they’re straight out of a Mary Poppins movie, when in reality, it’s just plain old Minnesota. If you’re wondering how an innocent bubble could get to this point, it’s because at one point the Midwest was colder than parts of Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica.

This takes popping a bubble to a new, and very dangerous, level. Note to self: don’t let the kids play outside during a polar vortex.