That Thing Is How Old!? People Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Rare And Valuable Antiques

It takes a keen eye and a heightened sense of style to truly appreciate the beauty of antiques. Some people just get it, and some people don’t, but luckily for us antique lovers, their loss is our gain.

People sell some of this stuff at yard sales for pennies, but we’re quick to swoop in and scoop up the goods. Keep reading to find out how somebody found a gorgeous old item in the most unlikely place.

A 1950s Dental Cabinet

Photo Credit: wannabe_maker / Reddit

This antique enthusiast restored an old dentist cabinet from the 1950s. That aquamarine color on the sides of the cabinet is the original color. The restorer just got rid of some rust and added some veneer.

This thing saw a lot of cavities get filled. It’s crazy that it’s still in such good shape.

Watch Your Fingers

Photo Credit: mbelcik90 / Reddit

It’s super rare to find an Emerson Electric fan in this kind of condition. Sometimes you can only find one blade or no blades at all.

You’d think they’d make the weave on that cage a little bit tighter, though. This thing looks more like a finger chopper than a personal cooling device.

A Regal Stack

Photo Credit: lupine_and_laurel / Reddit

A Redditor picked up these beautiful pre-1900s and early 1900s books with the gilt covers at an auction recently. They got the whole box for one dollar, which is absolutely insane to me.

These are all great individually, but they look stunning piled one on top of the other.

This Car Is 94 Years Old

Photo Credit: mdmyers1992 / Reddit

The owner of this car has named her Pearl, which I think is as good a name as any for a car— especially a black car. It’s the Black Pearl, like in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I would be so nervous to drive around in an almost one-hundred-year-old car.

Early National Geographic Magazines

Photo Credit: TheRare_One / Reddit

Do you read National Geographic? Did you know that there are still copies of the magazine around from the early 1900s?

It would be so cool to see what’s inside these. What was going on in the world in the 1900s? These are probably worth a fortune.

Medical Cannabis From 1906

Photo Credit: captincrunk / Reddit

Anything old and medical always sells for a hefty price. People love collecting stuff like this and displaying old medical bottles. It’s like having your own old-timey apothecary.

This is a pretty cool item. I don’t think I could afford it, but if somebody gifted it to me I’d be very happy.

Grandma’s Watch Before And After Restoration

Photo Credit: dinosorority / Reddit

This granddaughter figured out how to get her grandmother’s watch from 1945 restored. It cost her around $400 for the restoration, but I think it was worth it.

Look at how shiny the watch is now. I love the mixed metal and the delicate watch face.

Some New Information

Photo Credit: Soupp_ / Reddit

This person posted her locket online and found out a ton of information about it. This gorgeous piece of jewelry is 136 years old. It was made in 1882 in Birmingham.

It doesn’t look so bad for its age. The necklace is a family heirloom and there’s a picture of a man wearing an army uniform inside.

As Close As We’ll Ever Get

Photo Credit: MuddyJK / Reddit

Ok, this is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. If only my grandparents had gone to Woodstock and had the foresight to save and frame their tickets.

Also, it was only eight dollars? That’s crazy. Imagine if tickets to Coachella only cost eight dollars? Should I be saving my Coachella tickets? Are they going to be worth something someday?

You’ll Never Guess Where This Bottle Was Found

Photo Credit: FINDERBINDERS / Reddit

Some adventurous antique hunters found this glass Clorox jug from the early 1950s in a privy pit. For those of you who are unaware, a privy pit is what you call the pit under the outhouse. A very old outhouse, I guess.

It’s rare to find a bottle like this completely intact.

An Unwanted Wine Press

Photo Credit: lindseyamanda / Reddit

When this Redditor’s grandfather passed away, nobody wanted his antique wine press. How could anybody walk by this thing and not want it? It has all its pieces and it’s fully functional.

I’d scoop up this thing in a second. I don’t understand people who don’t appreciate antiques.

A Bulk Seed Cabinet From The Hardware Store

Photo Credit: toolguy8 / Reddit

This 40-inch seed cabinet is from this Redditor’s father’s hardware store, which opened in 1866 and went out of business in 1981. He had been using it for storage and had defaced the labels by writing things like “nails” and “screws” on them. Now his son has inherited it and, happily, in one of the drawers was a treasure trove of replacement chromolithograph labels dated 1956.

He also found the complete set of 7 different size scoops labeled “10 cents” (i. e., you got a scoop full for 10 cents but, since seeds are all different sizes, your scoop size varied).

Who Doesn’t Love A Coin Collection?

Photo Credit: alfiealfiealfie / Reddit

These old British coins were found in storage. Some of them are dated 1860, some are dated 1960, and some are somewhere in between.

There are at least 300 coins in this collection, mostly George V era and quite a few from Victorian 1860-1900. Valuing is incredibly hard as the estimates per coin vary wildly because of the condition they’re all in. Small, well-worn coins are worth very little (30p) but others are maybe £20 each.

A “Sorry!” Board Game From 1958

Photo Credit: BroBroBrayBray / Reddit

This board game is in nearly perfect condition, and I’m sure it brings back a lot of memories for people who grew up in the late 1950s.

I should probably hold onto all of my childhood board games. You never know if they might be worth something in the future.

1930s Sparton Radio Refurbishment

Photo Credit: JoelWalsh / Reddit

This Redditor is looking to get his Sparton radio from the 1930s refurbished. A piece like this could probably go for a pretty penny at auction.

I wouldn’t mind owning one of these, refurbished or not. I kind of like the way it looks now. I don’t think I would change it much (or maybe at all).

Um, Excuse Me, This Is Gorgeous

Photo Credit: Rachelassous / Reddit

This is an 18th Century agate, ruby, and gilt metal étui. An étui is just a fancy french name for a decorative box. This one is used to hold a pair of reading glasses.

A piece like this is probably worth over $2600 dollars, and that price is only going to go up over time.

Ring Me Up

Photo Credit: ValiantTwopointOh / Reddit

This National cash register is from around 1913. According to the registration information on the bottom of the piece, it once belonged to John H. Booth, who ran a jewelry company.

Cash registers used to be so pretty. This is like a work of art.

McKee ‘PRESCUT’ Puritan Pattern Ca.~1910

Photo Credit: JmGra / Reddit

Um, this might be the most beautiful pitcher I’ve ever seen. Were people in 1910 just drinking out of stuff like this on an everyday basis? Because that’s what I call luxury. This had to be for special occasions, right?

This is truly exceptional. The person who owns this bought it from a Facebook auction. Who woulda thunk?

He Bought This For How Much?

Photo Credit: lupine_and_laurel / Reddit

A Redditor found this near perfect 1899 medical reference at an estate sale the other day. Do you know how much he paid for it? Fifty cents.

That is absolute insanity. I would think a book like this could sell for at least a hundred dollars. I mean, every school textbook I’ve ever bought costs at least $100.

1828 Bible Plucked From An Old European Church

Photo Credit: littleredfoot / Reddit

This bible is eight inches thick and sixteen inches long. Old bibles aren’t usually worth a ton because a lot of families had one, but the cover of this bible is particularly interesting.

The cover and book wrap is a single piece of pressed and stitched leather.