The Co-Stars Who Didn’t See Eye-To-Eye With The Actors They Worked With

No one likes everyone they work with. Often times, costars describe each other as a second family. Some of them even end up falling in love with each other or become great friends. Unfortunately, their relationships aren’t always so great when the cameras stop rolling.

Some co-stars make up after they’re done working, while others never become friends, and some celebrities were fired for their fights. If these actors were to co-star in another movie again, maybe they should go see Jerry Springer.

Betty White’s Upbeat Personality Was An Annoyance For Bea Arthur On The Golden Girls


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Who doesn’t love Betty White? Unfortunately, White’s upbeat personality didn’t mesh well with Bea Arthur.

In a 2013 panel discussion with the New York Times, White revealed that “Bea found me a pain in the neck sometimes because of my positive attitude. I’m happy all the time, and that made Bea mad sometimes.” It’s understanding that some personalities tend to clash, but it’s hard to imagine not wanting to become White’s best friend.

Tommy Lee Jones Thought Jim Carrey Was A Baffoon


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Tommy Lee Jones disliked Jim Carrey so much that he admitted it to his face. According to Carrey, the incident came at their “biggest scene together” when the actor unknowingly showed up at the same restaurant where Jones was.

He asked his co-star how he was doing and he went up to hug Carrey and said “I hate you. I really don’t like you. I cannot sanction your buffoonery.” At least he was honest about it.

Dustin Hoffman Was Too Intense For Meryl Streep’s Liking


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Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep’s working relationship on Kramer vs. Kramer played out much like the divorcing couple they were in the film. Streep was vocal about the intensity that Hoffman brought to each scene, which startled and upset her.

The actress told CBS News in 2011 about when he slapped her “When I see the movie, I see the imprint of his hand on my face. I think Hoffman is very, very, gifted, but it wasn’t the most fun I’ve had on film.” Streep wasn’t the only actor to deal with a similar fate. Find out why Tyrese Gibson wasn’t that impressed with his Annapolisco-star.

Anthony Daniels Was Super Annoyed By Alan Tudyk Who Was In The Comfort Of A Motion-Capture Suit


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The iconic actor endured years of discomfort in the C-3P0 costume. When he found out that Tudyk was in the comfort of a motion-capture suit as K-2S0, he cursed at the actor. Tudyk later joked that an “f*** you” from Daniels was among the highest compliments he had ever received.

To be fair, when Daniels filmed for Star Wars, technology wasn’t that advanced. Apparently, the actor has always had to use a robot costume, especially in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Clare Danes Didn’t Enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foolishness


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They may have played lovers on the big screen, but the Romeo + Juliet stars hated working with each other during production.

The biggest reason behind the dislike goes something like this. According to The Telegraph, Danes “allegedly became fed up with DiCaprio’s habit of playing pranks on the cast and crew, while the actor found Danes annoyingly reserved and too uptight.” Oh well, at least they were able to act out their love in the film.

Tyrese Gibson Didn’t Seem Too Pleased With James Franco’s Physicality On Annapolis

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Much like Meryl Streep, Tyrese Gibson wasn’t happy with the intense physicality James Franco brought to the set of Annapolis. When they filmed the big boxing match, Gibson revealed to Elle magazine that Franco was full-on hitting him.

Franco would apologize for his behavior as he told GQ “I was probably a jerk. I was not purposely cruel to him, but I was probably so wrapped up in my performance that I was not as friendly as I could have been.” Just ahead, the opposite of a love-hate relationship came between two co-stars, despite having mutual respect for each other.

Robert Shaw Wasn’t Having Any Of Richard Dreyfuss’ Arrogant Attitude On Jaws


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Much like their characters in Jaws, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss didn’t see eye-to-eye. In fact, Shaw would taunt Dreyfuss in between takes. The legendary theater actor took issue with Dreyfuss’ arrogant attitude about filming a movie.

It only got worse from there. The feud got heated when Dreyfuss supposedly threw a glass of bourbon that Shaw had been drinking out the window.

Jennifer Grey Was Too Much Of A Baby For Patrick Swayze


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Dirty Dancing is great, but in real life, the relationship between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey wasn’t exactly the time of their lives. The actor came clean when he revealed that Grey was too much of a baby for his liking.

He added that he got annoyed by her little outbursts because he was busy working on other aspects of the film, like the dance scenes, which involved him picking her up on a constant basis.

Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy Had A Hate-Love Relationship


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Charlize Theron revealed that Hardy maintained a cantankerous relationship with the director. The actress also blamed the brutal set conditions for his dismay over the shoot.

She also added that even though the actors “drove each other crazy,” they still had a huge amount of respect for one another. Hardy even left her a note after filming was complete. “You are an absolute nightmare, BUT you are also f****** awesome. I’ll kind of miss you. Love, Tommy.” This wasn’t Hardy’s only dispute working with another actor. The next one ahead might have been too much brotherly love.

Teri Hatcher Vs. Desperate Housewives


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It all started with a tear-filled cover shoot for Vanity Fair. Hatcher showed up early and got first dibs on the clothes. Co-star Marcia Cross allegedly got mad about being posed next to Hatcher and stormed off the set.

That forced ABC to conduct major damage control that continued throughout the duration of the show. Despite claims that “everything is alright” on set, Hatcher’s cast-wide feud was confirmed when her name was left off the thank you card at the series’ end.

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Would Argue Over Nothing On The X-Files


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For a pair of infamous detectives out to solve stranger things, David Duchovny revealed to UK’s Metro that he didn’t always get along with Gillian Anderson. “We were used to argue about nothing. We couldn’t stand the sight of each other.”

Whatever happened, the two have since kissed and made up, at least enough to star in an X-Files miniseries reboot on Fox in 2016.

Tom Hardy & Shia LaBeouf Engaged In A Physical Confrontation On Lawless


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Hardy’s history of beefing with co-stars didn’t start with Theron. The Brit engaged in a physical confrontation with Shia LaBeouf on Lawless. LaBeouf boasted about winning the struggle when he told Details “Hardy never did that roughhouse stuff with me again.”

The actor added that their mutual aggression was nothing but life imitating art while they worked together. They were playing brothers, and there’s a constant battle going on between big brother and little brother. Still on the way, it’s not every day that The Rock has a beef with someone. He certainly did with his one co-star, who didn’t have a great work ethic.

Bill Murray Told Lucy Liu She Couldn’t Act On The Set Of Charlies Angels


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If rumors are true, Lucy Liu physically went after Bill Murray after he told her she couldn’t act. Interestingly enough, the SNL alumni confirmed the rumors in an interview with the London Times in 2009. “When our relationship is professional, and you’re not getting it done, forget it.”

Murray may have been replaced by Bernie Mac in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, but Liu still had to star in the movie.

Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush Got Married, Then Divorced


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Dating a co-star and breaking up while working together can be tough as nails. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush took things further by tying the knot and divorcing, and still had to work together.

During their time on One Tree Hill, Bush and Murray dated in 2003 and married in 2005, but separated five months later. Before the divorce was finalized, Murry got engaged to crew member Kenzie Dalton.

The Rock Blasted Vin Diesel For His Work Ethic


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The Rock shocked everyone in April 2016 when he posted a rant on social media. The wrestler-turned-actor called out his male co-stars for their poor work ethic on the set of The Fate of the Furious.

Of course, the smack talk was directed at Vin Diesel, launching a whole bunch of he-said, he-said reports. Although their public feud made for an awkward press tour, they buried the hatchet days before the film’s release. Jack Bauer is a cool guy, but the actor who played Fred Jones in the Scooby Doo movies didn’t think he was a cool dude. More on that later.

Debra Wagner Compared Richard Gere To A Brick Wall In An Officer And A Gentleman


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Debra Wagner and Richard Gere did not get along as she compared him to a brick wall.

Despite earning an Oscar nod for her role, she told the Daily Mail “I never fought about the size of my trailer or things like that; it was always about the work. It’s no secret I didn’t love the movie then, and I don’t love it now.” The good news? Wagner and Gere put away their differences from so many decades before.

Stana Katic’s Departure On Castle Led To The Worst Possible Thing


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Fans of Castle were shocked when news broke that Stana Katic had been let go in April 2016. If the sources from Us Weekly are true, it may have to do with a long-feud between Katic and co-star Nathan Fillion.

The pair couldn’t stand each other, and wouldn’t even speak to each other when they were offset. They also had to go to couples counseling together. ABC’s idea was so ridiculous that the series was canceled in May 2017.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Thought Kiefer Sutherland Was One Unprofessional Dude


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Freddie Prinze Jr. despised working with Kiefer Sutherland on the set of 24. The actor revealed to ABC News that he “hated every moment of it because Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world.”

Sutherland, however, denied any harsh feelings toward his co-star. His reps told E! that he “enjoyed” working with Prinze on the show as he wasn’t aware of the past ire.

Julia Roberts & Nick Nolte Apparently Hated Each Other Before Filming I Love Trouble


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Rumors began to swirl around Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts that the two hated each other before filming I Love Trouble. According to an article from the Los Angeles Times, “Tempers flared early on, with a few Roberts tantrums along the way. The discord was intense, the sources say, two played more to stand-ins than each other.”

To make matters worse, they took their hatred to another level by dropping one passive-aggressive insult after another.

Lee Michele Assumed Naya Rivera Was Complaining About Her


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In Naya Rivera’s book Sorry not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up, the actress revealed that her on-set feud with Lea Michele was true.

She wrote about their riffs, “If I’d complained about anyone or anything, she presumed I was b******* about her…Soon, she started to ignore me, and eventually, it got to the point where she didn’t talk to me for all of Season 6.” Yikes, that’s brutal.