These Celebrities Made Cameos As Themselves In Our Favorite Movies

Celebrity cameos in movies and television are nothing new. Actors will call up their friends to cash in a favor, someone may stop by a film set, or they might just want to do it for fun. Whatever the reason might be, when celebrities appear on TV and in films as themselves, it’s almost always hilarious.

Sometimes they have a starring role, and sometimes they’re only on screen for a few seconds. One athlete even had a starring role as himself, but he was pretending to be someone else. Check out these celebrities who tested out their acting chops to play the hardest role of their lives: themselves.

Jimmy Buffett Was Ready To Take Everyone In Jurassic World To Margaritaville

Photo credit: @carlygee / Twitter

You wouldn’t have noticed this cameo unless you looked really hard. Legendary singer Buffett has a small part as the man with the margarita shack in Jurassic World.

He can be briefly seen again here running for his life while carrying two margaritas. If you’re going to be attacked by a dinosaur, you might as well go down double-fisting.

Did We Forget About The Time Alex Trebek Was On The X-Files?

Photo credit: @LeePKelly / Twitter

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek embodied everything ’90s when he appeared on an episode of The X-Files.

Sporting a fake mustache (we’d have to wait a few years for the real one), he plays a government agent that Mulder says looks “incredibly like Alex Trebek.”

Anything For MJ

Photo credit: @sabwtf / Twitter

Apparently, Michael Jackson loved the first Men in Black so much that he personally reached out to Will Smith to ask if he could be in the sequel. Smith knew that you don’t say no to the King of Pop, so Michael appeared as “Agent M.”

Continue reading to find out who landed the honor of being the only person to ever appear as themselves in Star Trek.

Lance Armstrong’s Speech In Dodgeball Doesn’t Age Well

Photo credit: @DoonaNolan / Twitter

Lance Armstrong delivered a riveting speech to get Vince Vaughan back in the game, but looking back, it’s a little cringey. Armstrong talks about how he won the Tour de France five times even after being diagnosed with brain, lung, and testicular cancer.

Fast-forward a few years, and we all found out he was on steroids the entire time. Yikes.

Everyone Was Too Worried About North Korea To Realize Eminem Was In The Interview

Photo credit: @rap_WAVE / Twitter

With everything else that has happened with North Korea since 2014, it’s fun to look back and remember how much backlash The Interview got. Hidden behind the controversy, most people forget that Eminem made a cameo as himself appearing on James Franco’s talk show.

In the cameo, Eminem cleans out his closet and then announces he’s coming out of the closet.

Stephen Hawking Is The Only Person To Ever Play Themselves On Star Trek

Photo credit: @StarTrek / Twitter

It makes sense that no present-day celebrity would cameo as themselves in a show set more than 300 years in the future. But in one special episode, Stephen Hawking appears as himself at a poker game with Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, and Data. The scene is historical for many Trekkies out there.

We’re all still a little confused how this ’90s actor coming up managed to land a major part as himself in a kid’s movie.

This Famous Mime Was The Only Person With A Speaking Line In Silent Movie

Photo credit: @MoviesSilently / Twitter

Most people reading this likely have never seen the satirical Mel Brooks classic, Silent Movie. The film is a spoof of other silent films that also happens to have one of the original celebrity cameos.

Marcel Marceau was the most famous mime of the day, and stars as himself and ironically utters the only line in the movie, “Non!”

Kareen Abdul Jabbar Goes By The Name Roger Murdoch In Airplane!

Photo credit: @ChrisMMarvin / Twitter

The world discovered that basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar had serious acting chops when he played himself in Airplane! Except the best part was Jabbar was pretending to be a pilot named Roger Murdoch.

When one kid on the flight realizes it’s him, he even threatens the kid not to reveal his identity.

It’s Still Unclear Why David Hasselhoff Was In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Photo credit: @ughheva / Twitter

David Hasselhoff was the king of ’90s television, and someone decided he’d be the perfect man to help SpongeBob and Patrick return to Bikini Bottom. The two cartoon characters ride on his back, fight off Dennis, and Hasselhoff eventually gets burned by King Neptune. 2004 was a strange year.

One movie coming up gets very meta when they have their starring actress dress up as herself.

‘It’s A Walk Off!’

Photo credit: @RockNRollPics / Twitter

There were numerous celebrity cameos in Zoolander but the most memorable was when David Bowie arrived the judge a supermodel walk off. Critics even said Bowie stole the show in an otherwise fantastic film.

After Bowie’s death, Ben Stiller even said that scene was “a high point in my career.”

Spoiler: Tom Jones Is One Of The Few Survivors In Mars Attacks!

Photo credit: @alexgillot / Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under an uncultured rock since 1996, you’ll remember that singer Tom Jones has a major part in the science fiction comedy Mars Attacks! He is seen escaping Las Vegas as the aliens begin their attack. Then the final scene shows Jones exiting a cave as one of the last survivors.

Whoever convinced Jones to do this movie, thank you.

Julia Roberts Disguising Herself As Julia Roberts Is As Meta As It Gets

Photo credit: @KatePatto / Twitter


This one got a little weird. Julia Roberts, who plays Danny Ocean’s wife Beatrice in Oceans 12, is enlisted to help them with a heist. The team needs to get into a hotel room. They realize Beatrice kind of looks like Julia Roberts, so she dresses up as a pregnant version of herself to get inside. It’s a wild ride.

If this isn’t meta enough, keep reading to find out which former band member plays a fictional version of himself on TV for nine seasons.

Happy Gilmore Showed The World That Bob Barker Can Throw A Mean Left Hook

Photo credit: @TVGuide / Twitter

One of the major plotlines in Happy Gilmore includes Adam Sandler’s character being part of a Pro-Am tournament. They could have cast any celebrity, but they managed to get The Price Is Right’s Bob Barker to golf with Happy.

The two have a memorable fight scene that they recreated in 2015 for charity.

Bill Murray Was Not The First Choice For This Cameo In Zombieland

Photo credit: @AV_Newswire / Twitter

Bill Murray has a hilarious cameo as the last “living” celebrity left in Hollywood in the film Zombieland. Even though he was perfect for the self-deprecating role, he wasn’t the first choice.

Patrick Swayze, Dustin Hoffman, And Jean-Claude Van Damme were offered the cameo first, but all passed on it.

Creed Bratton As Creed Bratton In The Office. Wait, What?

Photo credit: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Many people have no idea that the actor who plays Creed Bratton in The Office is also Creed Bratton. His original claim to fame is being part of the band The Grass Roots (he’s the one on the far left in this photo). Writer B.J. Novak said the character is exactly like the real Creed, but not as good-hearted.

We are not worthy to have witnessed such an iconic cameo by a musician in the film coming up.

Mike Tyson Was High When Filming The Hangover

Photo credit: @complex_uk / Twitter

In between all their other wild adventures in The Hangover, the gang end up stealing Mike Tyson’s white tiger and have to return it.

What fans didn’t know was that Tyson admits to being high on cocaine the entire time. Mike Tyson isn’t the best actor in the world, and the cocaine probably didn’t help.

Who Knew Billy Idol Was A Secret Romantic

Photo credit: @AlamoDC / Twitter

Billy Idol’s cameo in the romantic comedy The Wedding Singer was completely unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Idol reunites Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler mid-flight by holding back Barrymore’s fiance from interrupting Sandler.

He also suggests they join the mile high club, which flew right over every kid’s head.

We Are Not Worthy Of Alice Cooper’s Scene In Wayne’s World

Photo credit: @HeinousZA / Twitter

In one of the most iconic scenes of the ’90s, Alice Cooper invites Garth and Wayne to hang out sometime and the two proceeded to get on their knees and yell “We are not worthy!” Cooper also has a scene where he gives a strangely accurate history lesson.

Cooper said he still gets people yelling “We are not worthy!” to him in airports, bars, and even on the street.

Remember The Time Shaun White Almost Fought Justin Timberlake?

Photo credit: @that_so_rachel / Twitter

In one of Justin Timberlake’s most underrated films, Friends with Benefits, he meets Mila Kunis’ friend Shaun White at the bar. For reasons that confused Timberlake and the audience, White started to threaten Timberlake and almost fights him.

White has said he loved being part of the film and will often repost clips of the scene to wish Timberlake a happy birthday.

And, Of Course, Stan Lee In Everything

Photo credit: @CBR / Twitter

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave out the fact that author Stan Lee has had 44 cameos as himself in various Marvel movies. His first cameo ever was as the hot dog vendor in X-Men.

His other cameos include “wedding crasher,” “surprised man,” and “mental institution patient.”