These People Were Millionaires Before They Were 20

It takes a specific type of person to become an entrepreneur. You need to be confident and stable. You need to know you’re probably going to fail a few times before you achieve success.

Some entrepreneurs get rich quick, which is impressive in itself, but it’s even more impressive if you’re still a kid. Most of the millionaires on this list made their dough before they could even buy a drink at their local bar. This article gets into the incredible work done by these young people which made them incredibly successful.

Kiowa Kavovit

Twitter / @pieroAlessio
Twitter / @pieroAlessio

Kiowa is currently the youngest person to ever be on the TV show Shark Tank. She’s a superstar that has already done more in her short six years than most of us have done in a lifetime.

She pitched her Boo Boo Goo to the sharks and scored a $100,000 investment. She ended up being a millionaire before she even hit double digits. Now, she’s starting to sell a paint-on bandage that’s solely designed for kids.