These Pipes Were Sticking Out Of The Ground, But Underneath Was Even More Surprising

It was supposed to be an ordinary flight for Dale Hufford. He was leaving Baltimore to visit Mike Peter, his longtime friend who’s living in Lobetal, Germany. Eventually, Mike told Dale about a pair of “pipes” that were mysteriously sticking up from the ground in a secret place near his home. Of course, Dale was reluctant to see for himself, and Mike never expected to explore the pipes himself.

Suddenly, Mike was fearful and excited, but he didn’t know that his adventures into the woods and deep underground would spiral into a fantastic tale that included everything from buried treasure to a run-in with the law.

Dale Couldn’t Hold His Enthuasiasm For The Prep When He Got To Germany

Dale West/Facebook
Dale West/Facebook

As soon as Dale got to Germany, he got right at it by making plans to inspect the site. Mike would explain to his friend that he believed that the pipes were apart of something deep underground.

There were signs around the area indicating that there was a structure of some sort beneath the forest floor.