Ridiculous And Surprising Things That Are Banned Around The World

All bans are intended for the well-being of the public, but what that actually means can vary from culture to culture. For example, in America Valentine’s Day seems like a business initiative at worse, but some other countries feel strongly enough about the concept to outlaw celebrating it.

While each culture has their unique take on what might be considered offensive, it’s surprising to find out that even Winnie The Pooh is being scrutinized. Here’s a list of bans that may leave you clapping your hands or pounding your head into the wall.

You Might Want A Carwash Subscription If You Move Here

Two people ride in a car that is covered in dirt.
Dmitry FeoktistovTASS via Getty Images
Dmitry FeoktistovTASS via Getty Images

Depending on where you leave, maintaining a spot-free car can be challenging. In order to ensure that the grime stays at a minimum, Moscow, Russia passed a law that allows drivers to be fined for their unkempt cars. While the law was supposedly enacted in order to prevent license plate numbers from becoming illegible, BBC News reported that some motorists feel there may be some undermining going on.

Drivers fear being taken advantage of by officers who are really looking for a bribe. However, after a -20-degree winter, some cars can look like they just came out of a junkyard.