Unusual & Incredible Hair Color Designs

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, and one of them is by dying your hair a super bright color (or multiple colors all at once). Over the last few years, colored hair has become all the rage on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media websites. Here are some incredible and colorful hair techniques that will blow your mind.

Braided Bliss


Look at the beautiful pink and purple braid on this young woman. The colors go so well together. When her hair is down, is creates a bit of an ombre effect, with the blue turning into purple and then into pink. When the hair is pulled together and tied up into a french braid, the result is incredible. The style of the braid reminds us a little of bit of Elsa from Frozen, except the animated character’s hair was blonde. You don’t see people wearing many French braids these days, but with a splash of color, it certainly updates the look.