Unusual & Incredible Hair Color Designs

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, and one of them is by dying your hair a super bright color (or multiple colors all at once). Over the last few years, colored hair has become all the rage on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media websites. Here are some incredible and colorful hair techniques that will blow your mind.

Braided Bliss


Look at the beautiful pink and purple braid on this young woman. The colors go so well together. When her hair is down, is creates a bit of an ombre effect, with the blue turning into purple and then into pink. When the hair is pulled together and tied up into a french braid, the result is incredible. The style of the braid reminds us a little of bit of Elsa from Frozen, except the animated character’s hair was blonde. You don’t see people wearing many French braids these days, but with a splash of color, it certainly updates the look.

Terrific Turquoise


Another way to express yourself through your hair is by selecting a single color that pops. Not everyone can carry off a turquoise ‘do, but this young lady certainly does. The neck-length haircut, which swoops around her ears and forehead, is the perfect style to include a bit of color. We love how the turquoise goes so well with her skin tone. This color is also mimicking the ombre look. It’s slightly darker near her crown and slightly lighter towards the nape of her neck. It’s bold and it’s beautiful (and we’re not talking about the daytime soap opera).

Sunset Hair


This look has been described as “sunset” hair. It must have been inspired by one heck of an amazing sunset. When you think of a sunset, the first colors that come to mind are bright yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, and purples. This hairstyle embodies all of those colors, while it’s dominated by pink hues. We really like the side braid that is pulled across the back of the head. It also includes a little swirl, which resembles a rosette. The stylist was very creative when coming up with this look. She must have been at the hairdresser for hours.

Nicki Minaj’s Bold Wig


Hip-hop star Nicki Minaj is known for her love of fashion and fearless dedication to experiment with her style and hair. This look, which is most certainly a wig, is particularly creative. The base is a blonde wig with bangs. It’s covered in an interesting assortment of what looks like animal spots. But unlike most animals we know, the spots are green, black, and blue. We give her an A+ for originality. There aren’t many people who would be bold enough to step out with hair like this. But some celebrities have no problem showing off their creative sides.

Bright Colors All Around


This model has beautiful, soft-looking healthy hair that most people would envy. Look how it just bounces off her shoulders as she swings her head. Incredibly, the stylist was able to incorporate a multitude of colors on her head. We assume this look is straight off the runway or was used for a photo spread in a top-end fashion magazine. Either way, there’s something compelling about her hair. The colors are bright and entrancing. Even the blunt, bright orange bangs don’t detract from the overall look. The stylist also matched her colorful makeup to her locks, creating an unusual effect.

Beautiful Braided Bun


When you really want to make a statement, this is one way to do it. This African-American woman decided to spruce up her bun by adding a splash of color to her braids. Every single braid is a different shade of pastel pink, green, blue and yellow. Not everyone wears large buns on their heads, so that alone is a fashion statement. When you add a bunch of color to the hairstyle, it increases the “wow” factor several notches. We love how the natural color of her hair also shines through. The mix of dark and bright colors is quite beautiful.

Secret Rainbows Underneath


These kinds of hair transformations are mesmerizing. If you looked at these young ladies with their hair down, you would have no idea that underneath was a really big secret! Instead of dying their entire heads, the stylists added the color to the undersides of their hair. The results are remarkable. They each have entire secret rainbows below the surface. We have a feeling these ladies keep their hair up most of the time so they can show off their clever dye jobs. We can’t help but wonder what they look like in ponytails. They probably look even neater with French braids.

Zayn Malik Pink Hair, Don’t Care


Typically, most men avoid any kind of strange hair color. They usually stick to brown, blonde, black, and red. Yet some guys like to do things a little differently to set themselves apart from the crowd. Zayn Malik, former singer from the British band One Direction, is one of today’s hottest stars. He’s also dating one of the world’s hottest models, Gigi Hadid. Here he is at a red carpet event with a splash of pink on top of his traditionally dark head. He manages to carry it off without a hitch. We wouldn’t be surprised if he tried other colors in the future.

A Celestial Inspiration


Many women peruse fashion magazines to find inspiration for their clothing and hair. This young lady looked to the heavens instead. The picture on the left shows a galaxy in outer space. It is colored bright blue, purple and green with stars scattered throughout. The young lady on the right dyed her hair in such a way that it looks like she’s mimicking space. The only thing that’s missing is a barrette with tiny, crystal stars. But she probably didn’t want to be too literal in her interpretation. The soft wave of her hair makes the look even more compelling.

Rihanna In Red


Barbadian singer Rihanna is another celebrity who enjoys experimenting with her hair. When she first burst onto the scene, she had long hair. She then cut it short to the chagrin of record producers who feared the look would make her less popular. She proved them wrong. For quite some time she opted to have bright red hair like this. She wore it in all sorts of ways: short, long, curly, and straight. We love how she is her own style inspiration. People are more likely to look towards her for style ideas rather than the other way around.

Ombre Waves


Ombre is very big these days. The French word, which literally translates to “shaded,” is the blending of one color into another. For most people, this means various shades of brown or blonde hues. For this particular woman, it means pink to purple. The crown of her head is bright violet, while the rest of her locks gradually blend into pink. The overall look is hypnotizing. We love how the hair just flows around her face in waves. While pink and purple may not look good on everyone, she carries it off without a hitch. She’d look nice in other hues as well.

Katy Perry’s Blue Phase


Pop star Katy Perry knows how to get people to look at her. Whether it’s her music or the tight clothes she wears to show off her curves, Katy is definitely the center of attention wherever she goes. One way she pumps up the volume is by donning a series of colorful wigs as well as dying her hair. This look is largely blue with splashes of purple scattered throughout. If you notice the roots, it appears as if this is her actual hair with perhaps some extensions added on for length and fullness. It’s youthful and a perfect match with her pink lipstick.

Colorful Braids, Waves & More


You would think adding a splash of color to your hair would be enough, but sometimes it’s not. You may believe this stylist went a little overboard with this look. The picture on the left shows a young woman with bright pink and purple hair. It is pulled back into two braided buns. One side is various shades of pink, while the other is several hues of purple. The hair underneath the buns is shaved with an intricate design carved into the nape of her neck. It’s a very unusual look and probably something that is quite difficult to maintain.

More Beautiful Hues


These colorful hairstyles are both very striking. The woman on the right has a two-toned look. The top of her hair is bright pink, while the bottom is a much subtler shade of pale pink. The different layers make her hair look quite interesting. Again, it would be neat to see how the colors would mix when the hair is pulled back into various hairstyles. The lady on the left has shorter hair that retains some of its original color. Mixed in are stripes of purple, blue and pink. It’s not too flashy and definitely not boring. The combination is just right.

Hilary Duff’s Mermaid Hair


Actress Hilary Duff is known for her beautiful blonde locks. She usually keeps her hair long past her shoulders. Yet, occasionally she likes to experiment with her look. She has dyed her hair pink as well as mermaid blue. If you think about what a mermaid might look like, Hilary with hair like this is not far off. It’s not often that an actress will dye her hair such a nontraditional color. Yet, Hilary, who is a mom, decided to let it all hang out and do something out of the box. She’s definitely pulling it off!

Rainbow Bright


All children of the ’80s remember Rainbow Brite, a character from an animated cartoon show. It wasn’t long before her likeness was made into dolls and lots of other toys and merchandise. If Rainbow Brite was a living being, she may have hair like this (but perhaps with a bit more yellow as its base). This woman’s hair is definitely inspired by the sky and rainbows. Every color from ROYGBIV is here: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We can’t imagine what people say when she walks into a room. She certainly must command everyone’s attention!

Katy Perry’s Purple Phase


Once again, Katy Perry defies expectations and makes a splash with a bright-colored ‘do. Here she is sporting violet hair on her brown locks. You may not believe it, but Katy is actually a natural blonde. Most women would keep that hair color, yet Katy is more often than not spotted with dark hair. And when the urge compels her, she opts for a truly unusual color for her head. We like this look on her. It’s just dark enough to be noticeable but is not too distracting. Sometimes lighter and brighter colors make her appear like a character and not a person.

Granny Hair Trend


The granny hair trend (a.k.a. Granny gray) features very young women sporting gray locks. It’s an ironic look considering that most women of a certain age do whatever they can to cover up those pesky gray hairs. This recent beauty trend completely overturns the perception that gray equals old. Fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier is credited with launching the look after runway models from a 2011 show sported grey beehives. He also used silver-haired models in a 2015 show. Interestingly, grey hair looks pretty darn good on some young ladies, who don’t resemble tottering old grandmothers at all. They know how to work it.

Kelly Osbourne’s Colorfully Shaved Head


TV personality Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, has been experimenting with hair color for several years. She has had pink hair and gray hair. One of her favorite hues is purple. This look is particularly intriguing because it shows her dark hair beneath the pale purple waves on top of her head. She also favors shaving the sides of her head. Not a lot of people can pull this off. But Kelly is a bit of a punk at heart, so the look works for her. Perhaps one day she’ll experiment with other colors.

Katy Perry’s Pink Phase


And here is Katy Perry again, this time with pink hair. She, like fellow pop star P!nk, often dyes her hair a pastel hue of pink for photo spreads, red carpet events, and concert tours. When you think of pop starlets, Katy is one of the first that comes to mind. She is fearless when it comes to trying something new and creating a particular look for her fans. There is probably no color she hasn’t tried. She’s had green, blue, pink, and purple hair. She’s been a blonde, brunette, and a redhead. There are no rules for Katy!