Wow! Gigantic Animals That Actually Exist

11 Year Old Boy Shoots, Kills 1,051 Pound Hog


In 2007, an 11-year-old boy named Jamison Stone shot a giant hog that weighed 1,051 pounds and was nine-feet long. Jamison casually told ABC News, “He was snarling, you know popping his jaws as a threat, and that’s when I took my shot.” He and his dad hunted the gigantic animal for three hours before finally taking him down. After a photo of the boy with the hog went viral, many doubted its authenticity. Jamison and his dad insisted it was for real. It’s possible because, in 2004, a National Geographic forensics team unearthed the original “Hogzilla,” an 800-pound wild boar that was killed in Georgia.