Wow! Gigantic Animals That Actually Exist

The Saltwater Crocodile That Eats Sharks


Male saltwater crocodiles can weigh as much as 1,000 to 2,000 pounds. In 2014, Brutus the giant saltwater crocodile made headlines for chomping down on a bull shark. The 18-foot long croc was photographed in Kakadu’s Adelaide River. He initially became famous for eating kangaroo meat on a “jumping crocodile” tour in 2011. But his fight with a shark three years later really cemented his celebrity status. Harry Bowman from Adelaide River Cruises explained: “It’s pretty gobsmacking for them. A lot of people who come on these cruises haven’t seen a crocodile before. To see them in the wild up so close, I think they’re awed. It’s like seeing a dinosaur really.”