You Won’t Believe These Mind-Bending Photos Are Real

In today’s world, it’s hard to trust anything that you see on the internet. Most images that are too good to be true have been tampered with in one way or another whether it be through filters, editing, or Photoshop. Now, when we see something amazing, we automatically assume that it is fake. Well, here are some 100% genuine photos that will blow your mind without the help of any editing. You won’t believe the picture taken in Nambia!

The Levitating Boat


At first glance, it appears as though this boat is floating above the water. While most would claim that this image has been photoshopped, in reality, the boat is actually sitting on top of the water. The beautiful water is so crystal-clear that it plays a trick on your mind. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the location of this picture is thought to be off the coast of Greece, which makes perfect sense considering the Mediterranean country is full of jaw-dropping scenery. This definitely doesn’t seem like the worst place to take a nice boat ride or take a dip in these incredible waters.

Perfect Cut


This is Schönbrunn Park, one of Vienna’s biggest tourist attractions. Although the size and location of this park are what mainly draws people in, these trees are hard to ignore. It has been said that there are no straight lines in nature, which means these trees were trimmed into the uniform fashion you see above. This is an impressive feat, considering how many trees are in the park, as well as how perfect the lines are. It must take a lot of time and work to keep these constantly growing trees kept to these standards. However, it appears to be worth it and certainly makes for a mind-blowing picture.

Nature’s Glass


Believe it or not, this is a pond that has frozen over in Switzerland. The frozen water looks like something from another planet, and it’s hard to believe that nature is capable of making such geometric shapes naturally. We’re sure that anyone who came across this pond ended up staring at the shapes for too long, trying to identify a pattern. Considering most water freezes flat, we wonder what happened to give this pond the texture and patterns that it has? This is just another example of how unpredictable and magical nature can be.

Alien Invasion Or Lenticular Clouds?


Is it a fleet of alien ships landing on Earth? Or is it just a collection of lenticular clouds? From the looks of it, it’s safe to assume that these are clouds, but not the ones we are used to seeing. Lenticular clouds are typically found near mountainous areas and are formed when air moves over mountains, cooling sufficiently for condensation to take place. Although they are not necessarily uncommon, they differ from other clouds because they don’t move. Lenticular clouds have also been used as an explanation for UFO sightings.

So Many Colors


In Gansu, China there lies one of the most colorful and vibrant mountain ranges on Earth. It covers an area of 124 square miles and became a quasi-national geopark in 2012. Known for its colorful rock formations, it has been voted by Chinese media outlets as one of the most beautiful locations in China. The colors and formations are the results of deposits of sandstone and other minerals over the course of 24 million years. The wind, rain, and time have sculpted the shapes with the varying colors and designs. Although it’s hard to believe something this beautiful exists, believe it! We’re booking our tickets to China now.

Picture Or Painting?


Although this image may seem far from reality, that’s what makes it so amazing. This is a photograph taken in the Namibian desert at twilight. This picture was taken by a National Geographic photographer in a location known as Dead Vlei. There is an intense amount of light on the sand dunes in the distance, while the foreground is still in early morning shadow. With the trees like silhouettes, the picture looks like a painting. The orange background is a sand dune known as Big Daddy, which is almost 1,200 feet tall, and the white dots are patches of white grass. Keep reading to see an unbelievable supercell storm in Colorado.

Giant Mirror


Sala de Uyuni is the worlds largest salt flat at 4,086 square miles. Located in the Daniel Campos Province in Potosi in southwest Bolivia near the crest of the Andes, the Salar was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes. It is covered by a few meters of salt crust, which is completely flat with the average elevation being within one meter over the entire area of the flat. The salt crust covers a pool of brine, which is rich in lithium. The large area, clear skies, and flatness of the surface makes the Salar an ideal object for calibrating the altimeters of Earth’s observation satellites.

Floating Pole


Well, this isn’t something that you see every day. Supported only by the tightness of the wires, this electric pole remains floating in mid-air after the bottom was scorced by fire. How do you even go about fixing a problem like this? We’re not sure where this phenomenon occurred, but we’re glad that someone was able to snap a picture before the wires gave out. We wonder if everything is still working just fine? Don’t fix what isn’t broken, we guess! It’s also curious that only one of these poles seems to have been affected by the fire.



On the Carribean island of Maint Martin, the white sand beaches and blue waters aren’t the only things that draw in tourists. One major reason that people visit the island is to have an up-close and personal experience with an airplane. At the nearby Princess Juliana International Airport, due to the short runway, approaching aircrafts have to touch down as close as possible, flying over the beach at minimal altitude. It is a popular beach activity with nearby bars and restaurants displaying airline departure and arrival times and even broadcasts the radio transmissions between pilots.

Guatemalan Sinkhole


After the downpours of the Tropical Storm Agatha in Guatemala, a giant sinkhole opened up in the northern part of the capital city swallowing an area larger than an entire street intersection. Along with all of the street, a three-story building and a house also fell into the abyss, leaving 120 dead and at least 53 missing. This certainly would be a sight to see although something that you would want to stay far away from. Although it is magnificent, it’s even comfortable looking at it from behind a computer screen.

Water Colors


Although this looks like something taken from a painting, it is in fact very real. In Western Australia, these blue salt fields cover areas of the region and show that parts of the outback are just as colorful as other parts of the world. This image was captured by Simon Butterworth, flying at an altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 feet in order to make the images as abstract as possible. He noted that “The tracks where the salt harvesting machines have worked across the salt pans look for all the world like watercolor painting brush strokes.”

The Mothership Above Colorado


Taken by Marko Korosec in eastern Colorado in May 2013, these storms are technically known as low precipitation supercells, but by storm chasers, they have earned the nickname “motherships.” Such storms have a persistent, rotating updraft and can lead to tornadoes and are known to also drop large amounts of hail and rain. This particular image won first place in the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Magazine Photo Contest, due to this mothership’s otherworldly appearance. If we saw this in real life, we wouldn’t know what to make of it. Could be a storm, could be a magical phenomenon. Ever seen a city floating above the clouds? Keep reading to see it!

Iceberg Of Newfoundland


On a kayaking trip off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, the photographer came across this odd-looking iceberg. Although icebergs are not unusual to come across in this country’s Atlantic region, clearly there is something different about this particular one. Almost a perfect and clear slanted line, only part of the iceberg appears to be transparent. This occurs when snow freezes at different points in time, which results in the folds, layers, as well as the density of the ice causing this unusual formation. It looks like the world’s most beautiful natural ice slide.

Beached Whale


What started out as a nice day at the beach took a different turn for these beach-goers. The last thing most people expect to see when they’re at the beach is a giant whale being washed up on the shores, but that’s exactly what happened on May 26, 2017. A 79-foot female blue whale washed up on Agate Beach in Bolina, California. The beachgoers all gathered around at the chance to see such a large, magical creature—and when news broke of the incident, hundreds flocked to the beach for a chance to catch a peek. Sadly, this whale has been hit by a ship a few days prior.

The Floating City


This picture looks like it was taken straight out of a science fiction film. If you’re lucky enough, this is the view you get to see every day if you work in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This particular phenomenon only happens a few times a year and causes Dubai’s skyline to be totally engulfed by a deeply dense and vast fog, allowing the skyscrapers to peek out from under it. This tends to be associated with the weather when it changes from cold to hot and vice versa. The fog usually clears up by 9 a.m., so people rise early to catch a glimpse of this spectacle.



In what is probably one of the scariest trends we have ever heard of, skywalking is sweeping the country with groups of young people illegally scaling large buildings and structures to one-up each other in terms of risk and height. As impressive as some of these pictures are, it makes you wonder how many people aren’t so lucky to make it to the top. Although this is certainly a risky past-time, we can live vicariously through these people that are either really confident in their climbing skills or have a death wish.

Don’t Fall


This is the Hardanger Bridge in Norway. For scale, you can see the construction workers working on the top cables bridge, making it seems as though it is the actual bridge. The entire Hardanger Bridge is 4,297.9 feet, which is 20 meters longer than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, making it the 9th longest bridge in the entire world. That’s something to brag about! Hopefully, those construction workers aren’t getting vertigo while they are working on top of the bridge’s cables! You can’t be scared of heights on this job.

That’s A Lot Of Flowers


Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The park is well-known for its sea of blue flowers called baby blue eyes. Although these are the most prominent and popular, there are other flowers spread out throughout the park too including millions of daffodils and over 170 varieties of tulips. We don’t know about you, but we feel that this picture doesn’t do this park justice, and it also seems like a good place to take someone on a first date. All you have to do is buy tickets to Japan first!

The Atlantic Road


Located along the Norwegian Coastline, the Atlantic Road has a length of 5.1 miles and is considered to be one of the most scenic drives in Norway. It’s a popular attraction with eight bridges. Construction began in 1983 and it took six years to be completed. The way that the road curves, along with its many highs and lows make it a popular spot among road trippers and motorcyclists. It has been regarded as dangerous to drive on in the middle of a storm (which is often), yet on clear days you can even spot whales and seals.

I See You


While drinking a cup of coffee, a man accidentally dropped a pair of Hula Hoops, which are a type of potato chip snack into his drink. Little did he know that those two snacks would transform his drink entirely. With the chips, the cup of coffee transformed into what looked like an owl clear as day. Although it looks like it isn’t real, the only thing that would look more real is an actual owl. We’re glad they managed to take a picture before it disappeared. We’re going to start looking for animals in our cups of coffee from now on too.