If Your Flight Is Delayed Then You Need To Read These Hilarious Tweets

Layovers, delays, waiting to board, and everything in between can be a real drag at the airport. The wait, mixed withall the shenanigans you have to deal with before flying, could make even the Dalai Lama’s blood boil a bit. Luckily, Twitter was invented. There are tons of funny people who feel the same way you do while stuck in these unbearable situations. Here are the most hilarious tweets from the Twitterverse that make being at the airport more tolerable.

Look Out For Big Pharma!

There are a lot of theories about things being made up by the government. This idea from Max Silvestri is the one the makes the most sense! It’s surprising that no one else ever came up with this idea.

Who buys travel sizes outside of when they need to travel anyway? Big Pharma had this idea up their sleeve before travel sizes were invented, we’re willing to bet. It’s the best way to up their funds in every arena. You’re not slick, Big Pharma.