The Insta-Famous Food Items We All Want To Try

Just when we think we know what food is and what everything tastes like, some marketing and culinary genius will go and create a food item so innovative that we’ll travel from near and far just to try it. When everyone on Instagram is posting photos of the newest culinary craze, we just need to get in on the action.

Keep reading to see some of the most interesting food fusions on the internet right now. Rainbow grilled cheese, anyone? How about a pickle sandwich (which is not just a sandwich with pickles in it)?

Sushi Donuts Are Way Healthier Than Normal Donuts

sushi bagels
Photo Credit: @julia_stix / Instagram
Photo Credit: @julia_stix / Instagram

Okay, so sushi donuts aren’t exactly donuts. They’re just pieces of raw fish and vegetables laid over rice in the shape of a donut— but, man do these things look cute on Instagram. It’s not like sushi wasn’t already super photogenic, but these things take the sushi aesthetic to the next level.

These ring-shaped treats first popped up at Vancouver’s Chinatown Night Market, and Instagrammers couldn’t get enough of them. Since then, the vendor opened a more permanent restaurant called Uma Sushi in Vancouver, Canada.