If You Understand These Puns, Congrats! You Are The Father!

Puns are here, there, and everywhere. It’ll take one person (usually a dad) to point out the obviousness behind any pun. No matter how ridiculous or cheesy they sound, we secretly love at least one pun that we’ve heard before. They usually come with a reaction that will make you grin, or maybe, it could be an eye roller like treating AA batteries like a very serious meeting for certain people. With these particular puns, you’ll either love them or hate them altogether.

TRYangles Are Cool Too


Ugh, a math pun in a fortune cookie. As clever as this is, it’s rather cheesy. You would never expect to see a pun inside of the popular Chinese treat, but really, how is a fortune suppose to be meaningful? Sometimes, I wish you would get one that says “You won $1 million”.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot


Shingles feel the heat too okay! Not just the basketball team from Miami, but every single shingle. It’s billboards like this that should make the average person embrace clever advertisement. It’s a form of puns that might be cheesy, but this company played this off very nicely.

Peter, You Know Who


Come on, man, you should have an idea what this is. I won’t say anything because of the name Peter inside the cooking necessity. I’ll leave you with a hint, he refuses to grow up.

Coming up, a family that decided to embrace their love for France and the band Kiss.



So, how was your day? Well, based on this piece of paper, this sums it up altogether. This person probably had a bad case of the Monday blues. At least it saves them the time and energy of actually spilling the beans, especially during the slowest day of the work week.

If Dad Was Tripping


Dads are the kings of puns. Clearly, this father is “tripping” on acid. Long ago are the days of this father listening to the Beatles psychedelic tunes, so he has to do it in the lab. It’s all fun though, it’s not like he’s going to fall over and have a trip and a half on the floor.

Detroit Croissant City


Rock on! That’s such a great way to embrace a love for France and your parent’s favorite band, Kiss. This is extremely corny, but this is pure gold and quite the Halloween costume.

This should please fans of Kiss, but the next one ahead will please fans of the movie Dodgeball.

Gnarly Tattoo


Must have been a pain in the butt to get this tattoo. Better yet, this girl has more courage than I do since she got ink on her skin. But, you shouldn’t have to envy her. The tattoo she got is really weird and out of the ordinary, although she might be trying to start a new trend.

Ain’t Nobody Got Thyme For That


Talk about seasonings changing like no tomorrow. With so many herbs, there is so little thyme to buy more of this. Whoever bought this should buy another one for a good reason. Maybe someone else could improve your thyme management while shopping for groceries.

If You Can Dodge A Wrench, You Can Dodge A Ball


If you’ve seen the movie Dodgeball, you’ll get the reference. In fact, looking at this will instantly make you think about the movie. All that’s missing is Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller.

Just ahead shortly, try and guess the actor based on the pun in the middle of a farm.

Sherlock Has A Cousin


It turns out that Surelock will protect your home while his cousin solves crimes. Imagine if they were a three-man group along with Dr. John Watson? That would make such an interesting movie to watch. Although, Sherlock’s cousin would be the one who makes sure no one’s homes are broken into.

AA Meeting


As crude as this looks, that’s rather dark and unique. They probably joined together to see who’s going to be the next pair of batteries to be used for the TV remote. Either way, you have to find this a little interesting that Kirkland is even in the battery game. What don’t they make?

Guess The Actor


Here’s a hint, “I’m Batman!”. If that’s not enough with the cross and bale, it’s Christian Bale. It’s things like this that should help you have an understanding of what puns are all about.

Just ahead, one person shows off their ‘Psycho Killer’ by the Talking Heads with boxes of cereal.

Pumpkin Pi


It’s pi in a pumpkin! Remember when your math teacher drilled this crap into our heads? Then, we asked ourselves if this was going to be a benefit in our daily lives. Well, here we are now, with a way to use pi in the form of a pumpkin in time for Halloween.

3D Reality


3D printing is all the rage right now. People are making such amazing creations and we’ve seen things like homes and even food being 3d printed. Ask around… I mean, who even has a conventional printer anymore? 3D printing is the future, but give it to this guy for throwing it back to 1999.

Psycho Killer


This man is showing off what it means to be apart of a balanced breakfast. Not only that, but he’s providing Talking Heads fans with a simple reminder of one of their best singles, Psycho Killer.

Wait until the next one shortly. It will definitely have too much vanilla and ice in one shot.

Nice Pair You Got There


I dare somebody to walk around wearing these for a day. The challenge? They have to make sure a flock of birds won’t attack them. If they survive, give that person $100 and a case of beer. If they lose, just watch from a distance and laugh at your friend being attacked by birds.

Barney Stinson’s Favorite


Man, Barney Stinson would be over the moon. It’s rather funny how Stinson himself never did something like this on How I Met Your Mother. Either way, this is one awesome tribute to the man behind the Brobible. Hopefully, no one is lactose for the second part of the pun.

Ice Ice Baby


There is too much vanilla and ice in this. The baby is the best part about it since it’s a reference to the hit song from 1990. You would expect this to be a baby sitting in a tube of ice wearing layers of clothing. But, we can settle for this cute pun for now.

Pi-rats Of The Caribbean


That is one fine line between a numerator and a denominator. Meanwhile, only a fraction of people, mostly math teachers, will have an understanding of this joke. It’s smart, genius and a great way to educate your students.

A Genre Of Music


Punk rock rules! Whoever did this clearly has a great sense of using puns. It’s one of the easiest ones on here and we saved it for the end. Puns are a hit or miss with people, but the simplest ones like this should be a sign that puns can be fun for everyone.