People Are Asking “WTF Is This” And Obviously Internet People Came To The Rescue

Sometimes, we don’t always have the answer to everything. The world is pretty big and once you find something you’ve never seen before, you immediately start asking questions. You have no clue what you’re looking at but that’s when you turn to the internet. You don’t have to be afraid of what people will say once you post something because there’s a good chance we all want to know wtf you just found. Thanks to the world wide web, there are some intriguing photos that will have you learning a thing or two.

It’s Not A UFO

Tom DeLonge might think it’s a UFO, but it really isn’t. That’s actually a greenhouse using low energy pink/purple LED lights. Even on cloudy nights, they illuminate a majority of the sky around them. This would much better if it featured more colors to make it look like a big rainbow.

Circles On The Bus Window

You probably have seen these thousands of times on the bus. It’s not for decoration — the black band is called a frit. They prevent ultraviolet rays from deteriorating the window sealant. Since it’s black, it heats up faster than the rest of the glass when it’s being manufactured.

Coffee Emoji On A Computer Keyboard

If you were old enough to remember this, don’t spoil it for the millennials. The coffee sign, er emoji, on the keyboard means something. It activates the screensaver on your old school computer. Your parents probably threw this out too.

Just ahead, a major necessity is needed when working on a construction site.

Not Really Icicles

My advice for you is to not stare at this from underneath. They look like icicles from a galaxy far, far, away, but that’s an antique flax comb. It’s stuff like this which was used before our time. Consider this the early beginnings of shops having signs to let people know what store is which.

Nuns On A Bus

Yes, those are nuns. Yes, they are on a bus. What exactly is on their heads you ask? Well, these ladies are actually wearing the Crown of the Five Holy Wounds. They are worn by nuns that are in the Bridgettine order. Can I get a hallelujah for learning something unique for once?

A Necessity For Construction

Construction workers need to be safe, secure, and ready to implode. In this case, the little green machine on the bottom is a necessity for this field. It’a water mist gun to keep the dust down.

Coming up shortly, magnolia seeds look like a little monster in a Benicio Del Torro movie.

Does The Top Have A Purpose?

If you look at the numbers, you can see that it’s the starting gate for harness racing. It makes sense to do this on older cars since they’re used for this kind of thing. These cars likely don’t come cheap as well. To think, this could have been Shaq’s grocery cart during his prolific NBA career.

Think Aladdin With This

These slippers are called babouche, which originatedin the Middle East. If you’ve seen Aladdin, the slippers are what a majority of the characters were wearing in the movie. Despite the pointy ends, this pair would be comfortable to wear after a long day of work on a cold winter day.

I See You

This weird looking bean is actually a magnolia seed head. Don’t go trying to taste them, because Southern magnolia seeds are poisonous if eaten by humans. That would make one creepy little monster for a Benicio del Torro movie.

Don’t fret, the next one just ahead will give us an understanding of oversized trucks.

Found In A Hamburger

I don’t think anyone wants to find something sharp when they bite into a hamburger. When this Reddit user posted about what this could possibly be, the answer they got back was that it looked exactly like the needle to an insulin pen. Obviously, that is incredibly dangerous to be anywhere near food, and they got lucky something bad didn’t happen.

A Toy 90s Kids Should Know

If you were born in the 90s, you should know what this is. If you weren’t, this was a fine motor skills toy that we played with in the doctor’s office. Essentially, it’s a bead maze that helps kids learn to move their hands, arms, and fingers in numerous ways. This serves a bigger purpose than what most people would believe.

Over Load On A Truck

You see these oversize load trucks on the highway all the time. The long poles extended out on the back are used for hydro. Once they’re off the truck, they’re used to put poles/wires in place.

Wait until you see a small door alarm. There’s no way burglars would tell the difference.

It’s Not A Closet

It’s a laboratory oven. This was used in pretty much any science lab or hospital. This was used to sterilize equipment along with hazardous waste using temperatures and pressure to ease it. Pretty much anywhere with biohazardous materials will have this big bad boy.

Hiking Trail

If you ever come across this hiking trail, it’s a labyrinth for walking meditation. People will walk around this as a spiritual exercise to help them stay calm and meditate. They have something like this near the Joshua Tree, but the rocks a little bit bigger.

Personal Door Alarm

Believe it or not, this is a personal door alarm. It looks like a door stopper, which it is. Little would burglars know that something as small as this would scare them off faster than a group of girls.

The next one coming up looks like a recorder, but it’s actually used to mix cocktails.

Pipe In A Barn

It’s amazing what you’ll find on a farm. Considering how far we’ve come, there are still farms all across the country, and some still abide by the laws of their forefathers. This is actually just a burner for a gas-fed space heater. You’d think that’d be dangerous with things like straw and hay lying around, but you’ve gotta keep warm somehow.

Mini Joe Pesci

Sadly, this is not Joe Pesci. This looks like a Menehune more than anything else. Menehune are the ‘little people’ of Hawaii, and are like pixies or trolls, if that makes sense. These little statues kind of look a little creepy to begin with. Maybe one day, we’ll see one of these figurines into a mini version of Pesci himself.

Old School Recorder? Not So Much

What you’re looking at is a cocktail whisk! For the proper term, it’s a pocket swizzle stick. As funny as it sounds, this was the old school way of stirring your cocktails. Today, kids will assume that it’s a recorder or a fun whistle, but really, they won’t even know what it is.

Bottoms Up!

There’s a good chance you had a shot out of this once before. It’s the bottoms up shot glass, but that’s not too obvious from the angle. Basically, this glass was designed to make sure you down the shot all at once because you can’t actually put it down, if you know what I mean.

Hay, How’s The Opener?

Even with the word engraved on the opener, this one’s pretty obvious. You would think that this is a bottle opener, even if the opening is too small, but technically it is an opener. The word on this pretty much means a fancy term for opening your beer on Friday night.