Teenager Asks Parents For Lorde Tickets For Christmas And The Mistake They Make Is Hilarious

The Bible says “ask, and it shall be given to you.”

I don’t think Matthew ever accounted for witty parents with a unique sense of humor when he wrote that. On Christmas, a teenage girl named Jorji Kellogg was excited when she received a card from her parents. When she finally opened it, her excitement quickly turned to anger.

Praise The Lorde

The Kansas City girl asked her parents for tickets to see one of her favorite artists, Lorde. She opened the envelope and removed the card, and read the strangely spiritual message before turning her attention to the pair of printed e-tickets her parents included with the card.

Wait A Minute

Her Christmas wish came true, as the envelope contained two tickets to see Lorde in concert at the Sprint Center. At least, that’s what she thought. When she looked a little closer she noticed her Lorde tickets weren’t Lorde tickets at all, but rather two passes to see the popular televangelist, Joel Osteen.

It All Makes Sense Now

All of a sudden, the spiritual note made sense. As a joke, her parents bought her tickets to see the “Lord.” The Christmas card read: “Jorji, Dad and I are so proud and happy that you want to grow your faith and spend time with the Lord.” That’s very clever.

The Post Went Viral

Jorji took pictures of the card and the tickets her parents gave her and uploaded them to Twitter. In the span of a couple days, the post blew up. Her tweet racked up close 45,000 retweets and over 150,000 likes. Some of the comments were too funny. Click on and read some of them.

The Perfect Prank

Like Joel Osteen, Lorde is scheduled to perform at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, only two months later. At first glance, Jorji probably saw the ticket emblazoned by the Sprint Center and just assumed her parents had granted her only wish. Not quite. At least they purchased good seats.

The Melodrama World Tour

Lorde’s second concert tour, which began in late September, will end in June. The New Zealand recording artist is scheduled to perform her latest album at more than 65 concerts in roughly a dozen countries, including the March 3 show at the Sprint Center in New Zealand.

The Lorde Amen

Some of the replies to her tweet were funny. This user hilariously photoshopped a picture of a ceremonial church candle and replaced Jesus’ face with Lorde’s. While this comment was probably the most creative, it was by no means the funniest. Scroll down and check out some of the other hilarious replies this post received.

That Sucks, Dude

I don’t know what’s worse, getting tickets for a Joel Osteen concert or getting a book about Macs instead of the real thing. I’m willing to argue the book is much worse because now you have a 152-page reminder of how hard your parents played you. Not mention the frustration of having the thing you want most staring you in the face.

Words To Live By

I know Apostle Matthew said “ask and it shall be given to you,” but an equally wise man — or woman — once said you should be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true. It’s a cliche, yes, but that doesn’t make it less applicable to this situation.

Honest Mistake

At first, I thought this was a funny play on words. Imagine my surprise when I learned the Red Hot Chilli Pipers were a real group. And that Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Pipers mix up? Yeah, it actually happened. Click on to the next page to find out more about it.

Peter Piper Didn’t Pick The Pepper

A Pennsylvania girl named Grace Maneval was excited to see that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were playing a venue that was near her hometown. Even better, tickets were selling for an affordable price. She quickly purchased a pair of them for $140 only to find out she made a very big mistake.

What A Letdown

After the Ticketmaster confirmed the purchased, Grace noticed her mistake. Initially, she thought it was just a typo, but after looking into it, she realized she had purchased tickets to see a bagpipe band with a similar name. Though there was a no refund policy, Ticketmaster made an exception.

It’s Nothing Personal

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are a Scotish band consisting of pipers, guitarists, a keyboardist, and drummers. The band plays covers of hit songs. The band competed in and won the British talent show “When Will I Be Famous?”, a game show similar to Americas Got Talent. Still, to an American teenager, they’re no Chili Peppers. At least it’s better than being pranked by your parents. Scroll down to see more of that.

A Popular Scam

The Red Hot Chilli Piper tickets have become a popular scam to exploit people trying to see the American rock band. One Reddit user posted a story about how her friend paid over $200 over StubHub and received the tickets to see the bagpipe band in the mail instead.

Another Popular Prank

One of the more popular gift pranks on the internet is the “eye pad prank.” Kids who want iPads for Christmas or Birthdays get exactly what they asked. Well, so of. Parents executed the prank in a few different ways. The above parent purchased an eye pad and put it in an iPad box.

Much Punnier

The more punny parents perform this prank a bit differently. The above kid receiver a female hygiene product decorated with an eye glued to piece of cardboard for a gift. Get it? Eye-pad? If you didn’t think this one was very funny I have a few more you might like further down the list.


This kid asked his dad for “cold hard cash” for his birthday. You got it, kid. Here are a few George Washingtons frozen in a block of ice. I hope you can be patient enough to let it melt. Goodluck buying anything substantial, though. You might have enough there to buy a bag chips.


Looks like the kids got their revenge in this one by leaving to glasses of water turned over on the counter. It’s a great prank and while kids likely won this battle, the war has just begun. Parents make great pranksters because they have such a controlling stake in their kid’s lives. You can’t hide from them.

You’ll Need These

Who said Moms can’t be good pranksters? I mean, my mom is a terrible prankster. She’s too nice. But I’ve met a few mothers who could really hold their own in a prank war. Callum and Aidan should probably call a truce as soon as possible before it gets out of hand.

Happy Birthday!

Apology cakes became a popular trend on the internet. Well, this is more like a sorry, not sorry cake. This is what parents are forced to do once they’ve exhausted all of their options. All subtle hints fell flat so it was time for a very overt request paired with a cake to soften the blow.