Pictures That Absolutely Won’t Restore Your Faith In Humanity But They’re Still Fun To Look At

If you’re looking to be inspired to rush out of your house and change the world, this article probably isn’t going to achieve that. If you’re looking to have your faith restored in humanity in these otherwise rocky times, you might be a little disappointed.

But, if you live with the mindset that laughter is the best medicine, then prepare to be healed. This article explores the mindless people we are fortunate enough not to be but are absolutely thankful for. These are those weird, drunk, and mildly insane friends who keep us laughing. Let’s pour one out for them.

The Face Of A Sponge Who is NOT Enjoying Their Life Choices

Photo Credit: Reddit / loganb185
Photo Credit: Reddit / loganb185

This is the face of someone who had it all and lost it. SpongeBob was on top of the world and it all came crumbling down very quickly.

Blame it on the drugs, alcohol, or excessive amount of Krabby Patties, but no matter how you look at it SB isn’t a happy camper. It’s hard to blame him — puking out people all day seems exhausting.