These Heroes Didn’t Want Credit Because They Were Just Doing What’s Right

The best Good Samaritans are those people who perform an act of bravery and then refuse any recognition for their heroic acts. These are the people who realize it’s their job to help their fellow human beings when they see someone in need. We’ve compiled a list of heroes who did the right thing and then refused any type of public recognition. They finished what they went out to accomplish in the moment and then just continued on with their lives like it was any other day. They don’t want recognition but they have our admiration.

He Ran Into A Burning Building

Riza Kasikcioglu (left), owner of Maximo’s Pizza and Donair, gets a hug from Grace Williams, a fourth floor resident, after he ran to save people as a fire struck the Oliver Place apartment complex at 117 Street and Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta on Thursday, January 19, 2017. Five hundred people were evacuated in the two alarm fire. Ian Kucerak / Postmedia

Riza Kasikcioglu was running his restaurant when a fire broke out in the apartment building next to his pizza shop. Without any hesitation, this brave man ran into the burning building to see if anyone needed help. Once inside the dangerous building, he discovered an elderly woman and carried her to safety on his back. An hour after paramedics have him oxygen, Riza headed home as if nothing had happened. When he was told his actions were heroic he responded with a simple statement, “I don’t want to be a hero. This is life. This is me.”