Worst Summer Ever! Meet The Lonely Souls Whose Jobs Aren’t What You Expect Them To Be

Having a summer job is good to help you learn some valuable lessons. Your parents encourage you to get off your butt and go gain some responsibility, money, and the value of hard work. Whether you’re saving for a car or a video game console, there are high expectations, and you get a taste of what it feels like to be an adult.

Those expectations aren’t always met, so comedian and late night tv host Jimmy Fallon shared his worst summer job on Twitter. Needless to say, it got the fellow Tweeters tweeting their nightmare summer jobs.

Oh, Poor Jimmy

Photo Credit: @jimmyfallon/Twitter
Photo Credit: @jimmyfallon/Twitter

Leave it to the late night talk show host to lead the way on the worst summer job ever.

I don’t feel sorry for Jimmy because he has everything, but his dad taught him a valuable lesson when it comes to hard work and success. Let’s see who else had a bad job over the summer months.